Detroit Tigers: Trade Rumors are Coming—Brace Yourself!


With the MLB trade deadline rapidly approaching, chatter regarding proposed trades has started to pick up in the newspapers and radio. Rumor and innuendo will be an almost-daily occurrence from now until July 31. The Detroit Tigers will certainly be in on the trade talk, with obvious needs for relief help, a left-handed bat  and a potential fifth starter. However, it is important to remember that everything you hear from now until an actual trade is consummated is likely pure bunk. And that is putting it politely because this is a family-orientated blog.

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Similar to the NFL draft, everything you hear this time of year has been put out there for one of three reasons:  to help a general manager get or unload a certain player, to help a player get into better situation, or to help a reporter generate hits on their website, thus making them slightly more famous.

General managers will try to lower the asking prices of potential trades by downplaying their interest in a player, or they might feign interest in a player they have no interest in to drive up the price for the other teams.

Agents will try to leverage contract status and performances to drive up the trade value for their clients, hoping that it eventually results in a bigger payday for the player (and, of course, the agent.)

And reporters have to have something to talk about, because if no one is talking then no one is reading their papers and they would have to go get real jobs where they don’t get paid to watch sports for a living. (Man, someone owes me some serious back pay!)

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  • Basically, if someone is talking, they are probably lying. So it is important to remember as these rumors fly around, that MLB general managers are not idiots. They are not going to trade Mike Trout to your team just because you think he would be a good fit in center. And no, the other teams don’t have a need for Ian Krol in their bullpen.

    There are only 30 GM’s in MLB – generally the best ones rise to the top. Please keep this in mind when you hear the Tigers are going to unload Anthony Gose and a player to be named later for Cole Hamels.  Please understand, that as much as Ryan Howard is a left-handed batter with power, there is no place on the Tigers for him to play.

    Trades for sure will happen. And the Tigers for sure could use a little help. But no one will truly know what is going on until the trade has passed.

    Immediately after that is when we can start discussing the Lions trading for Aaron Rodgers.

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