Belief in the Detroit Lions Once Again Goes Unrewarded


We bought into it, didn’t we?  We swear every year that we aren’t going to do it, but we do. We buy into the Detroit Lions hype.  We believe in the Detroit Lions.

We believe that the offense – in its second year – is going to better.  We believe that we have the two best receivers in the game, receivers who can take over a game.  We  believe that Eric Ebron’s hand will miraculously un-stone themselves. We believe that Matt Stafford’s best years are ahead of him, that he really is a franchise quarterback. That he can lead us to a win on the road against good teams. That he can win on the West Coast, or against elite quarterbacks, or in prime time.

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We think that the young, athletic offense line, the line where we have spent so many draft picks, will develop.  Will block.  Will pass protect.  We don’t think that we will miss Dom Raola, and his ability to read and adjust the offensive line to the defensive pressure.  We think that we can overcome injuries because we have such a deep team. We think that our strategy of drafting multiple offensive players will overcome a poor game plan, poor execution and poor decision making.

We trust that the Lions made the right decision in letting Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley go. We trust them when they don’t invest high draft picks on the defense, thinking they can turn journeyman players and low round picks into all-pros.  We trust that silly penalties and free third down conversions were remnants of a by-gone era, and not an issue with the current team. We trust in our coaches to make adjustments, to adapt, to overcome.  We trust that the other team won’t.

I understand they were expected to lose. I understand that things might better. I understand it was only one game. But it sure felt like a lot of games I have seen in the past. It sure looked like I was watching a Wayne Fontes-led team, or a Rod Marinelli or a Jim Schwartz-led team. The penalties, the game plan, all seemed familiar. It sure seemed we have heard the excuses, the explanations, the improvement plans. It was so familiar I halfway expected to hear a postgame conversation about pad level and taking the wind.

And I understand that next weekend, I will be back in the same place, sitting on my couch, watching and believing again, because I am a Lions fan. I understand that I am a sucker, an optimist, a believer. But hey – at least I am not alone.

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