The Detroit Lions Are Disappointing…Again


It happened again.

The Detroit Lions give you glimpse of hope – brief periods of time where you just sit back and say “wow!”  We say it yesterday. A precise, attacking passing game.  The offensive line opening up holes for the running backs. The defense making stops in the red zone. It was all coming together.

And then it all fell apart.

We have seen glimpses of it before.  We saw it against San Diego, where they dominated the first quarter.  We have seen it at other times, mostly in desperate 4th quarter comeback attempts.

But again, as we expected, the Lions couldn’t keep it up.  Just like they couldn’t in San Diego.  It almost fell apart against Chicago.  There were games where it never showed up at all.  Denver.  Minnesota, at Minnesota.  Offense, defense, special teams all playing poorly.  Lack of adjustment, lack of discipline and yes, lack of coaching.

It is maddening because when they are rolling, they look great. It makes us believe there is talent on this team. They held their own on the road, against Seattle, a team that has played in the Super Bowl the last two years.  When they look good, they can compete.

However, they take bad to a new level.  When the opposing coach states that it is easy to hit Matt Stafford because “no one is blocking”, it is an indictment of the coaching staff.  When the Lions come out after a change in possession, but have to call a timeout because only 10 guys are on the field, it is an indictment. And when, down 11, the run on the ball on 3 and 13, it is an indictment.

Regardless of the talent (or lack thereof) on the Lions, the Lions have had bad game plans, miscommunications and poor game calls in the majority of their games.. They haven’t put what talent they have on the field at the right time or in the right packages, and when the talent has been on the field it hasn’t been used properly, if at all.

The indictment falls on the GM as well. The drafting strategy has been proven ineffective.  Eric Ebron might turn out to be a great tight end…but I don’t believe he will ever justify the 10th overall pick.  The strategy with Suh was ridiculous.  It was obvious he was leaving.  Which would have been ok, if you would have drafted Aaron Donald instead of Eric Ebron. They have overlooked obvious warning signs in drafting Jahvid Best (concussions), Amir Abdullah (fumbles) and Eric Ebron (drops). The coaching hires haven’t fixed anything.

The season is lost. Again.  The Lions need to retool.  Again.  They need to rethink their management team and coaching staff and everything below that.

And then wait for the draft and the next season, to start over.


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