Detroit Lions: Jim Caldwell Talks Pro Bowl Selections and Snubs


Here’s what Detroit Lions coach Jim Caldwell had to say about the selection of Calvin Johnson and Ziggy Ansah to the Pro Bowl and the snub of Darius Slay.

The selection of two Detroit Lions to the Pro Bowl was a topic of discussion at Jim Caldwell’s media availability on Wednesday. Here is what he had to say about Calvin Johnson and Ziggy Ansah being named Pro Bowlers for the 2015 season.

"I think it’s an honor for both. No matter how many times you go, I’m sure they look at it the same way. It’s great for them to have an opportunity to represent their team or represent their conference. Obviously, it’s also a testament to the fact that their peers admire the job that they do. For Ziggy, his first time out, I’m sure it’s quite exciting for him and it’s something he’ll never forget, but I would anticipate that if the good Lord keeps him healthy, there will be more to come."

The interesting aspect of Calvin Johnson’s selection is that he made it despite not being in the top ten in fan voting for wide receivers. Caldwell touched on the difference in how fans and coaches and players evaluate their Pro Bowl votes.

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"Yeah, I think one of the things that most people don’t quite get is what kind of preparation it takes to keep that guy from turning the game around. Coaches know, players know, and I think that’s why you saw voting the way it was in that situation."

While it is nice for Ansah and Calvin to receive the honor of a Pro Bowl selection, a deserving teammate did not. Despite being ranked as the second best corner in the NFL by Pro Football Focus through 15 weeks, Darius Slay was not selected to his first Pro Bowl. Caldwell wouldn’t go as far as to say Slay was a snub, but he did express his pleasure in what Slay has done for the Lions this season.

"You know, all those would’ve, could’ve should’ve, the fact of the matter, he didn’t. But that’s not the end of the world. He’s still playing well, we respect him for what he’s doing and he’s going to continue to get better."

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Caldwell has no special message about being snubbed this time around – just keep doing what he’s doing.

"Nothing. He’s done his job, those are things he can’t control. Just keep working and keep playing."

With the career path Slay is on, Pro Bowl selections figure to come in bunches in future years.

*All quotes provided by the Detroit Lions.