Michigan Football: What Should Santa Bring the Team?


What do you get Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh for a holiday present (besides another pair of khakis)? You get him a commitment from Rashan Gary, of course!

It’s the holiday season, and being that’s it’s better to give than to receive, I thought I’d dole out some holiday gifts for Michigan football, and their head coach Jim Harbaugh.  But I’m on a tight budget this year, and I can only afford one gift.

What to get?  What to get?  

I thought about getting them a really nice pair of extra sticky gloves.  You know, to give to punter Blake O’Neill.  Maybe if he had had a nice pair of gloves back on October 17th, he wouldn’t have botched that snap, and…

Let the past bury the past.  It’s the holiday season.

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Then I started re-watching Michigan’s last game of the year (I don’t know why.  I guess I like to torture myself).  And it hit me.  Jim Harbaugh and Michigan football don’t need khaki pants or sticky gloves.

They need Rashan Gary.

They need the number one high school football recruit in the nation.  They need a five-star talent that Michigan fans have gotten all too used to losing out on in recent years under Brady Hoke and Rich Rodriguez.  They need to make sure that school in Ohio doesn’t get his commitment instead.

Michigan has been in on Gary’s recruitment since the beginning.  And with Michigan’s strong ties in the state of New Jersey, they are sure to be in the thick of things, to the very end of recruiting season.

But Gary is a blue chip prospect – a can’t miss defensive tackle talent.  He has offers from just about everyone, and heavy, mutual interest in the likes of Auburn, USC, Mississippi, Alabama, and that place where Urban Meyer coaches.

The Wolverines hire of new defensive coordinator Don Brown should help in the Gary pursuit.  If Brown could make a #1 total defense out of Boston College this past year, I can’t even fathom how good he could make Michigan’s defense, with Gary as a centerpiece.

But the courtship may drag on, to the Under Armour All-American Game, in January.  Or maybe even until National Signing Day, in February.

You just never know with kids these days.   So I thought I’d do my part, and give Michigan football (and Jim Harbaugh) the gift of Rashan Gary’s commitment to their program.

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After the way Harbaugh successfully turned around the Wolverines, it’s really the least I can do.

There’s just one thing:  Does anyone have Mr. Gary’s contact info?