Detroit Lions: Fans miss out on HBO’s Hard Knocks once again

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(Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images) /

The Detroit Lions will once again miss out on HBO’s Hard Knocks as the hit show is expected to court both the Los Angeles NFL teams this year.

It will be the first time that the hit reality show is set to feature two different NFL teams in the same production year.  It’s a compelling show for many football fans; we can’t get enough of our favorite team.  It’s a unique look behind the scenes, something we the fan can’t get enough of, but for the Detroit Lions overall, it’s probably a good thing they are not featured.

Sure, we would love to get a closer look at how Matthew Stafford prepares on a week to week basis, or how his relationship with newly signed veteran backup quarterback Chase Daniel develops.  Beyond his natural generosity within the community we never get a behind the scenes look at Stafford, he keeps a very low key profile for the most part.

The Stafford’s are always showing up to the door of a fan in need to spread a little joy or donating money, buying meals for the less fortunate or health care workers during a crisis like we’re enduring right now.

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I’d love to watch Stafford interact with his teammates during practice or in the film room.  How does his day go, is he the first one to show up and last to leave every day like the best quarterbacks that have played?  How does he jive with Kenny Golladay, Marvin Jones, and Danny Amendola at practice?  Is he paying extra attention to someone like T.J. Hockenson, who is poised to take a big step forward?

With all of the flack Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia takes from many fans, it would be great to see a behind the scenes look how he and his players interact with one another.  We were able to get a good look at Patricia during the Senior Bowl this past winter, but that wasn’t exactly the same as Hard Knocks.

Patricia was very hands-on coaching up many young prospects at the senior bowl, how does he address the veteran players?  It seems the Detroit Lions had plenty of locker room issues over the last couple of seasons, whether it was Quandre Diggs, Darius Slay, or Damon Harrison.  We’d surely have a birds-eye view of the effort or lack thereof; overall, it would be an excellent experience for the fans.

The good thing about missing out on HBO’s Hard Knocks is the distraction of the entire television production.  When the camera is rolling, are players more focused on their brand or trying to put forward an Oscar performance rather than focusing on their development?

Organizations generally loathe the idea of having the HBO camera’s around; they don’t want any of their secrets to be picked up and spread across the league.  To be considered or forced to accept the invitation, a team had to of missed the playoffs in the year prior and not made a coaching change.  Detroit check’s both boxes.

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Hard Knocks Los Angeles following both the L.A. Rams and Chargers is certainly okay with the Detroit Lions, but Detroit’s fans miss out yet again at having a closer look.