Detroit Lions NFL Draft: Chase Young a no-brainer if he falls to three

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(Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images) /

Well, today is the day we’ve all been waiting for, it’s NFL draft day! Tonight the first round of the NFL draft will commence leaving Detroit Lions fans to ponder what the organization has in mind with the third overall pick.

Leading up to the NFL draft, there are always plenty of rumors, many of which end as such.  The fact is no one really knows what the NFL general managers are thinking.  We all have our own opinions on who we think the Detroit Lions will select, but much of that has to do with what happens in the draft before Detroit’s pick.

Although we don’t know for sure, we expect the Cincinnati Bengals will be selecting quarterback Joe Burrow.  The Washington Redskins for the moment are picking second; we say at the moment because we still hold out hope that someone has fallen in love with quarterback Tua Tagovailoa and makes an offer Dan Snyder and the Redskins can’t refuse.

That would leave standout edge rusher Chase Young fall in Detroit’s lap picking at three.  It’s a stretch, but it remains a possibility.  It’s the best thing that could happen to Bob Quinn and the Detroit Lions.

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Sure, I’m one for adding draft capital, but Detroit isn’t trading out to add draft capital if Young is available to be selected.  Not even the Lions make this mistake.  If they do, Martha Firestone Ford needs to send a tow truck over to Bob Quinn’s house and instruct the company to hook onto that Winnebago and start driving and don’t stop until you hit Houston leaving Bob Quinn with Bill O’Brien.

Young is the game wrecker the Detroit Lions desperately need on their defense.  Detroit needs a star to rush the passer opposite Trey Flowers.  Young isn’t just the top defensive prospect in this year’s draft; he’s arguably the top overall prospect this year.  We all know quarterback’s drive the league, and the draft for that matter, there is a chance Young becomes available at three and what a win that would be for the Lions.

Last season Young recorded 16.5 sacks with the Ohio State Buckeyes that after recording 10.5 the year before.  Although Young didn’t perform up to our standards in either of his last three contests, the previous season, he did face two and at times three blockers paying attention to him.  Young made 21 tackles for a loss out of his 46 total tackles.  Young also forced a whopping seven fumbles last season and knocked down three pass attempts.

The junior is an immediate superstar, it’s hard to expect Nick Bosa-type production in year one, but Young has that type of potential at the NFL level.  He’s a player that will immediately change the identity of any defense he joins.

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When you consider the going rate for pass-rushers, Young is a $15/20-million per year talent entering a five-year rookie deal, what a bargain.  Young finished fourth in last seasons Heisman voting.