Detroit Lions 2020 Schedule: Will a 6-10 record be enough to save management?

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The 2020 NFL schedule dropped last night; it leaves the Detroit Lions without a primetime game, and tough enough to potentially signal the end for head coach Matt Patricia and General Manager (GM) Bob Quinn.

Don’t forget the sanctions Detroit Lions owner Martha Firestone Ford put on the organization’s brass last December.  After another abysmal season, Martha publically mentioned she expects this organization to be playing ‘meaningful’ games down the back-stretch of the upcoming season, or else changes will be prominent.

The comment has left us to ponder many different scenarios since; what does ‘meaningful’ exactly mean to Martha? Or Sheila Ford Hemp for that matter, as many feel she’s the one calling the shots these days.   Does it mean an NFC North title or bust? Or will seven wins and finishing third in the division be enough positive progress in Martha’s eyes from an atrocious three-win season from a year ago?

The thing is, Martha was a big fan of former head coach Jim Caldwell, and he was let go by the organization after back to back 9-7 campaigns.  It’s been vastly argued amongst Lions fans since.  Many feel firing Caldwell was ill-advised, and others think that Caldwell had reached his full potential, and he wouldn’t be able to elevate the organization further.  Martha may have that number nine stuck in her head, and with this 2020 schedule leaving the Detroit Lions front office and coaching staff helpless.

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When you go over the Detroit Lions schedule, it’s challenging to come away with more than six wins in 2020.  Sure, it’s progress compared to last season for Detroit, but not nearly enough in the eyes of their fans.

After a successful 2020 NFL Draft, it’s exciting to think about the future positively, but the Lions need to compile a couple of very successful drafts in succession during this rebuild.  After stockpiling a plethora of young talent, the organization will be able to compete for the NFC North division.  With Aaron Rodgers 36-years old and the Packers having used their first-round draft choice on a quarterback, the Lions window of opportunity to succeed in the North could be in two years from now.  That timeframe would play perfectly with my compiling young talent through the draft theory.

The entire Lions schedule can be found here.

A couple of games to be aware of; Detroit will host the Houston Texans on Thanksgiving, and Tom Brady will travel to Ford Field in a Week 16 matchup on either December 26th or 27th.

After quickly analyzing the 2020 Detroit Lions schedule, I unfortunately only expect Detroit to win a mere two games out of their first eight (Chicago & Jacksonville).  It’s the start of the second half of the schedule where the Lions may have an opportunity to catch lightning in a bottle, perhaps going on a three-game win streak.

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Detroit will have an excellent opportunity to reel off three wins over Washington, Carolina, and Houston. But their next victory may not come again until week 17 at home against Minnesota, leaving the Lions with a 6-10 overall record.  Will that be enough for Quinn and Patricia to keep their jobs, or will they be house hunting elsewhere?