Red Wings rumors: Mathias Bromé has shot to make team in 2020-21

(Photo credit should read JONAS EKSTROMER/AFP via Getty Images)
(Photo credit should read JONAS EKSTROMER/AFP via Getty Images) /

The Detroit Red Wings signed Mathias Bromé, and rumors point to the idea of him making the roster in 2020-21.

For the Detroit Red Wings, the offseason has begun with the conclusion of the regular season. In the time awaiting this official announcement from the league, the Red Wings signed Mathias Bromé, a Swedish talent, to a one-year contract.

Bromé is coming over from the Swedish Hockey League (SHL), and the latest rumors from General Manager (GM) Steve Yzerman point to him playing in the NHL sooner than later. Yzerman seems to think that Bromé is a candidate to make the Red Wings roster one of the newest acquisitions.

Given the current state of the roster, and the fact that there will be turnover on the Red Wings offense and this could lead to Bromé jumping into the mix. This past season, in 2019-20 for the SHL Orebro HK, Bromé would score 17 goals and add 26 assists for 43 points over 52 games.

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Bromé is more of a hard-working player who will play a strong two-way game rather than be just an offensive threat.

According to some of Yzerman’s comments, he feels that Bromé can adapt and become a threat in the Red Wings’ core of forwards as a guy who has an impact.

He went on to say that he felt that the Red Wings scouts like Hakan Andersson and Jiri Fischer did an excellent job seeking out Bromé and making sure he was someone who can have a real impact. It seems that the expectation is for Bromé to be an asset in both the offensive and defensive zone.

Give his skillset, Bromé very well can be someone who uses his skating abilities in the defensive zone to put pressure on the opposition and also be productive in the offensive zone. Bromé has an offensive skill set similar to a player like Jeff Skinner or Tomas Tatar.

There is a long way until hockey till kick-off for the remainder of the 2019-20 season and then even more time until the 2020-21 season, but watch out for Bromé. The Red Wings are going to see some changes up front, and Bromé sneaking into the mix is one of them.

The organization is in the midst of a rebuild, so another forward who will get a chance to prove himself after transferring over to the NHL will be good for this organization as they start trying to develop their youngsters and usher in an era of competition.

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The Detroit Red Wings could see Mathias Bromé in a winged-wheel jersey sooner rather than later.