Detroit Tigers: Jordan Zimmermann has a use during his final contract year

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The Detroit Tigers might be able to put the horrific Jordan Zimmermann to use in the final year of his contract.

The Detroit Tigers decided to let Max Scherzer walk away and pursue Jordan Zimmermann as his replacement. This was a fatal mistake; however, the organization is in its last year of Zimmermann’s contract, finally ending it.

The Tigers signed Zimmermann to a five-year, $110 million contract which will finally end after the 2020 season. This last year of his contract is going to pay Zimmermann a total of $25 million during the season, pre-COVID outbreak. Things will change with the pro-rated salary, but it is still too much.

Keep in mind, Zimmermann was statistically one of the worst pitchers in the American League (AL) during the 2019 season. This year was not going to be much better, but in a time where the need for a deep pitching staff rises, he could be of use.

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In 2019, Zimmermann pitched in 112 innings, where he pitched himself to a 1-13 record, which was horrific. Zimmermann posted a 6.91 ERA, with a 1.52 WHIP, and giving up 145 hits during the 112 innings he threw.

To sum things up, he was downright terrible. Zimmermann proved that his spot in the rotation meant that the Tigers were most likely going to lose given he was going to give up six runs, generally speaking.

During the shortened 2020 season, there is a way to mix Zimmermann into the mix and allow him to eat up some innings for the Tigers.

Zimmermann could be an “opener” or a reliever since it is known that his days as a starter seem to have come and gone.

The way it seems, the Tigers 2020 season will not be any different than recent years. Throwing Zimmermann for three innings will allow relievers to get some work in as well as some long relievers to come into specific situations. This would be crucial, especially with a six-man rotation.

He could be given that fourth/fifth spot in the rotation where he throws limited innings than gives it over to the bullpen earlier rather than later. It sucks having to watch Zimmermann go out there and play as the rotted form of himself that he is, but there is some use for him during the 2020 season.

The Tigers can use Zimmermann to eat up these innings during a 60-game season, where they will have a lot of arms coming through the rotation and bullpen, hopefully for a trial basis. Though he may be pretty tough to watch, Zimmermann will serve the innings-eater role for the 2020 season.

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Thankfully, the Detroit Tigers only have to suffer through the 2020 season before Jordan Zimmermann is cut loose to free agency.