Detroit Lions: Colin Cowherd continues to overlook Matthew Stafford

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According to a nationally syndicated radio host, Detroit Lions franchise quarterback Matthew Stafford isn’t capable of leading a team to a Super Bowl.

Sometimes, as I regularly listen to his show, I wonder if Colin Cowherd thinks before he speaks.  Say what you want about his insane sports takes, I will say that The Herd can be very entertaining.  The Fox Sports Radio and FS1 driven show will take you on what seems to be a roller coaster ride any given day but when Cowherd references the Detroit Lions it’s invariably in a negative manner.

Usually, Cowherd’s show consists of a plethora of LeBron James, Tom Brady, Dak Prescott, Russell Wilson, Los Angelas Lakers, New England Patriots, or Dallas Cowboys topics.  If Cowherd wants to blast someone he generally starts talking about Baker Mayfield, the Browns, or Lions

Wednesday’s edition on the Herd was no different.

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In the past, Cowherd usually places the Detroit Lions in the same category as the Cleveland Browns stating that the dysfunctional ownership continues to hamper these organizations. Maybe he’s on to something?  It’s certainly a valid notion from years past when you consider the William Clay Ford era.

I can understand that logic, but today Cowherd quickly overlooked Detroit Lions starting quarterback Matthew Stafford, and that’s not ok.

Cowherd started talking about Dak and his contract dispute, I know, shocking, right?

He’d continue the rant by listing active Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks followed by quarterbacks like Jimmy Garoppolo, and Matt Ryan who both lost the big game.  Cowherd states the days of winning with a game-manager under center anchored by an elite defense is over.

The game is built to protect the leagues’ quarterbacks.  It’s a multi-billion dollar industry that’s driven by the quarterback play.  It’s not rocket science, ratings follow quarterback play, so of course, the league is going to create rules to protect the investment.

Not only is the quarterback play more talented across the league, but the rules to protect the QB’s tend to prevent an elite defense from stealing the show.  Cowherd mentions an organization needs a quarterback that can win a road game in the playoffs, win a shootout any given week, and play well enough to catapult their team and beat the brilliant elite coaching schemes regularly produced by the Any Reid’s, Sean Payton’s and Bill Belichick’s of the world.

Cowherd listed eleven quarterbacks that fit his criteria, and trying to prove his point about what the topic was generated around, Dak wasn’t mentioned but neither was Stafford. Colin has been saying the Cowboys should not sign Prescott to the money he seeks for months, but to put players like Jared Goff, Carson Wentz, Matt Ryan, Deshaun Watson over Stafford just isn’t accurate.

Over the course of Stafford’s career, he’s seen an overabundance of coaching changes, a revolving door of offensive coordinators and while he enjoyed the services of one of the best pass-catchers in NFL history, the organization failed to complement Calvin Johnson with tier-two talent.

Last season in eight games played, Stafford proved his worth as he swiftly produced a 5,000-yard passing pace to go along with perhaps a 40 touchdown season before being forced to sit out the second half of the season with a broken back.

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It just proves, trying to carry this organization on his back for all these years had indeed taken its toll on the top-ten quarterback.  Yes, I don’t care what Cowherd says on this particular topic, Stafford is absolutely a top-ten NFL quarterback.