Former Detroit Lions TE Eric Ebron’s behavior is a joke

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Former Detroit Lions tight end Eric Ebron engaged in a Twitter battle with local radio show producer Mike Sullivan on Tuesday.

The former Detroit Lions tight end who is now with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Eric Ebron, was involved in a Twitter battle with 97.1 The Ticket’s Mike Sullivan on Tuesday, publicly displaying that he still carries a profound distaste for Lions fans.

Ebron is playing for his second team since being cut by the Detroit Lions during March 2018. The former first-round pick’s career has been vastly underwhelming since being drafted in 2014 and has garnered only one Pro Bowl selection during that time.

At this point, subpar would be the word that best describes his professional career. Now, he finds himself in the social media spotlight for his antics and actions on Twitter with fans.

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After clashing with fans and executives during stops in Detroit and Indianapolis, Ebron is attempting to catch on with his third team in two years.

The Steelers awarded him a two-year, $12 million contract with hopes he can regain the form that made him Andrew Luck’s primary end-zone target in 2018.

Despite possessing an imposing physical makeup, Ebron’s career has been highlighted by dropped passes, injuries, and underperformance. Honestly, the Lions’ decision to draft him tenth overall was a stretch.

Yes, he’s caught 27 touchdowns in his professional career. However, the equates to just over four per season. Not exactly what you’d expect from a player who was once a budding prospect.

More importantly, nearly half of those touchdown catches (13) came during his lone season alongside Luck.

Either way, you shake it, Ebron has failed to meet expectations while playing with two former number-one overall quarterbacks. In the event he fails to make “big noise” with Big Ben at Heinz Field, his future job prospects will likely be scarce.

According to Pro Football Reference, his career yards-per-catch average doesn’t necessarily jump off the page. It stands firm and weak at a pedestrian 11.3 YPC. This goes a long way to show his inability to stretch the field consistently.

Furthermore, the deal with Pittsburgh only guarantees Ebron $5 Million. The entirety of that has already been paid upfront with his signing bonus, which allows him to be cut at any given time.

Let’s pretend he drops a couple of passes during crunch time for the Steel City…the front office may very well opt to pull out the scissors.

The entire situation with Sullivan is embarrassing for both Ebron and the Steelers organization.

Everyone in Detroit AND Indianapolis already knows the lack of character and talent that Ebron comes packaged with. The sheer idea alone that a millionaire, professional football player is cruising his Twitter feed to battle with individual fan criticisms he’s not even been tagged in shows the depths of his insecurities on the field.

Ebron is likely down to his last straw, and even worse, probably knows it. Still, he uses expletives and immature reactions to kick a fanbase that’s been down for the entirety of the Super Bowl era. Not exactly a classy move, or a professional one to boot.

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I’m not sure whether or not this makes Ebron feel better about himself. But, his villainous attitude towards the Motor City faithful provides just enough fuel for a laugh every few weeks when “Stone Hands'” image runs across your TV screen because he dropped another critical pass.