Detroit Lions players snubbed on the 2020 NFL Top 100 list

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The NFL Network wrapped up it’s annual NFL Top 100 list on Wednesday evening, leaving the Detroit Lions without a player being recognized.

If you’re affiliated with the Detroit Lions organization, then take this exclusion personally. If your name appears on a Detroit Lions roster sheet for 2020, then you too should take this oversight to heart.

Why does the league continue to turn it’s nose up at this struggling franchise? Frankly, the NFL Top 100 list has slighted the Lions once again as it did in past years with players like Matthew Stafford and Kenny Golladay.

Lions fans are both passionately supportive and critical. Still, this pride composed of the Motor City’s finest continues to pack Ford Field each Sunday the home gates are opened.

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The NFL Network and NFL films should consider expanding their polling system to include more votes besides the ones considered from the 970 ballots collected and 132 players interviewed for The Top 100 Players of 2020 list.

The list leaves many scratching their heads, as well as pondering a few glaring omissions. Why aren’t the Lions being represented?

Right now, there aren’t three players in the league better than reigning Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes. So how does he fall to the fourth spot? Jealousy…perhaps?This list is flawed, especially after looking at the Detroit Lions snubs.

D.K. Metcalf is not better than Lions receiver Kenny Golladay. It’s obvious this list has some inaccuracies. Last season, he led the NFL in touchdown receptions. He played the entire second half of the season with two backups not worth naming.

If not for a season-ending injury, long-time quarterback Matthew Stafford surely would have made the cut. After all, his numbers ranked among some of the league’s best at the midway point.

According to Jeremy Bergman, a writer for Around The NFL, Stafford should have been on that list. The article was even featured on the NFL’s own website. Honestly, it’s a mockery that Ryan Tannehill made the list. Who wouldn’t look good handing off to Derrick Henry repeatedly on first and second down?

Even the media knows the Detroit Lions snubs on the NFL Top 100 list is vomit-inducing.

It’s almost a slap in the face that the closest the Lions were to making an appearance came in the form of recently-traded cornerback Darius Slay. He’s getting a kick out of this too. Local media has made it clear that this should not have been a surprise, but it does not make it any more excusable.

Justin Rogers, a reporter who covers the Lions for the Detroit News went to Twitter addressing the Lions’ exclusion saying, “If you saw how much players half-(expletive) the top 100 ballots player ballots in the locker room, you wouldn’t care so much.”

In return, I tweeted Rogers, “did they half-(expletive) it so bad they forgot to vote for any of their own guys in the #DetroitLions locker room? What does it say about #Stafford as the “franchise” guy in that locker room if HIS guys don’t rally and push for him to land in the #NFLTop100 #OnePride”

Rogers replied briefly in a Twitter thread after the question was posed. I am still taking this personally as every true Lions fan that bleeds Honolulu Blue should. It’s my uncle’s fault, he ordained me a Lions fan at age-six and I’ve been serving this life of Lions fandom ever since.

It’s all but a fact that a majority of people league-wide are sleeping on this team. The Lions have a “big-play” offense that will be backed by a renewed defensive unit. Unlike this misguided list, several Detroit players will stand out this season.

Stafford, Golladay, first-rounder Jeff Okudah, and do-it-all jackknife linebacker Jamie Collins Sr. will be a few players to keep eyes peeled for on the weekly highlight reels. Just imagine if the Lions pony up the pesos for Jadaveon Clowney on a one-year, “prove it” deal.

Distributing a re-worked list including each of those names with a Detroit Lions team-designation this season would be fantastic, and possibly toast-worthy. Unfortunately, it’s a fairytale, not real, not happening, not ever.

Slay and Damon “Snacks” Harrison probably voted for themselves at every position. I’m sure the ballot offered the opportunity for “write-in” submissions. But hey, there’s always a chance we crack the Top 100 list next year right?

Maybe, for now, let’s get behind this team. After more than a half-century, I’d say it’s about time we wake up these sleeping Lions. As far as I’m concerned, the NFL players that were polled can kick rocks, Detroit Rock City rocks.

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P.S. I hope D’Andre Swift turns out to be Barry Sanders reincarnated.