Red Wings: 2020 NHL Draft Lottery continues to be proven rigged

(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images for NHLI)
(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images for NHLI) /

The Detroit Red Wings may not even be playing, but the return to play is a reminder of the rigged 2020 NHL Draft Lottery.

While the National Hockey League (NHL) has gotten underway once more, the Detroit Red Wings like a few other franchises are sitting on the sidelines. These teams were eliminated, and a few organizations like the Red Wings and Ottawa Senators are screwed over for the first overall pick.

The Red Wings would fall to fourth in the 2020 NHL Draft Lottery after having one of the historically bad seasons. Now, rewarding tanking or whatever aside, the league had to have rigged the lottery.

The fact that a playoff/qualifier team won the right to draft Alexis Lafrenière is mind-blowing, but it allows for more publicity for the league. Par for the course, the league wanting some more publicity in a time where sports are unable to be played, but the conspiracy theory gets stronger.

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Initially, it just seemed like a publicity stunt, the league would somehow rig the lottery to allow an undetermined team to gain rights to the first overall pick. But after the first team has been eliminated things have changed once again.

The Carolina Hurricanes swept the New York Rangers in their Qualifier best-of-five series to kick off the NHL return to play.

That means, the New York Rangers will have the a 12.5% chance to take home those rights to Lafreniere in the second part of the 2020 NHL Draft Lottery.

Keep in mind, the Rangers had jumped up to the second overall selection where they took Finnish youngster Kaapo Kakko in 2019.

Though they have the same chance as all of the other Phase 2 lottery teams, it still hurts and is a painful reminder since the Rangers were first to be eliminated.

It could just be that fans in the Red Wings fanbase are still salty after the results of the 2020 NHL Draft Lottery and seeing their horrifying team fall to fourth overall, but this is unreal. The Rangers just jumped up the clock to get the second overall selection, barely missing out on Jack Hughes.

Frankly, the Rangers losing in three games and being swept by the Hurricanes just seems like par for the course where it seems like the odds are against the Red Wings when it comes to recent draft lottery drawings.

At the end of the day, the second part of the 2020 NHL Draft Lottery even taking place should anger all Red Wings fans, and it just leaves this whole lottery as a murky situation. Maybe it is saltiness coming out, reading too much into a situation, but it is still a reminder of the lottery results.

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The Detroit Red Wings should be watching this unfold as the news broke that the New York Rangers were the first to be eliminated, bringing up 2020 NHL Draft Lottery talk once more.