Detroit Tigers: Playing the hypothetical game with the 2020 season

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Detroit Tigers, Jonathan Schoop, C.J. Cron
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Detroit Tigers Hypothetical #3: Selling versus buying at the trade deadline and how it affects the rebuild.

Given this trade deadline could go one of two ways, here’s a look at both sides of this hypothetical game. The Tigers could go into the trade deadline using their brains and sell, sell anything they can in terms of players who will not come back.

Do not get it twisted; resigning C.J. Cron sounds incredible, and Austin Romine could be quite the mentor for the younger backstops, but if the opportunity presents itself, pull the trigger on trades. The trade market in 2020 is going to be different; it is an unknown as to which teams will seriously consider moving prospects for a run during this shortened season.

However, if any teams even throw a handshake agreement at Avila on a deal involving the addition of prospects, it better happen. Even while the Tigers are winning, preserving the future, and trying to open up a window of competition that is prolonged should be a priority.

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If the Tigers, on the other hand, go out there and start buying at the deadline, this fanbase should be throwing a fit.

Sacrificing the prospects that will be needed in this rebuild for this season of uncertainties is ludicrous.

There is no way that the Tigers should go into the deadline as buyers where they start giving up prospects.

Hurting future years of the rebuild just for a 60-game season where they are going to get curb-stomped in the postseason does not sit right.

The 2020 Tigers season has been quite intriguing, and incredible to watch, but things cannot keep up at this rate. It is only a matter of time before reality checks in with the Tigers, even if that means making the playoffs to be curb-stomped by a team like the Yankees.

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Looking at this from a hypothetical perspective should offer a bit of a reality check, but there is no denying it is fun to watch the Detroit Tigers winning ballgames during the 2020 season.