Detroit Tigers: Taking a look at the 2020 trade deadline options

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While the Detroit Tigers seem to find their “level” and get back to normalcy, take a look at the 2020 trade deadline.

The Detroit Tigers may have lost the momentum they started the season with sitting with a losing record at 10-14. While there was a time where the Tigers had a winning record, and the fanbase felt this was going to continue as the 2020 season progressed.

A recent article about the trade deadline mentioned how the Tigers could be buyers or sellers at the 2020 trade deadline. There is almost no doubt that the Tigers should be sellers at the deadline, shipping off any pieces that draw interest from opposing teams.

While initially, the player suggestions were quite indicative of the success these players were having, but now things have taken a turn. Reevaluating the trade deadline and thinking about which players might be best to move if the team is looking to make moves.

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Looking at the roster, there are a few different moves the Tigers could make, but those decisions are going to fall in the hands of General Manager (GM) Al Avila and his staff.

It also has a heavy reliance on the trade market and how many teams are looking to make trades in 2020.

It is no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic ridden season has its hurdles, but trades could add a new dynamic when it comes to moving players between teams and following protocols.

The hope is that the league will be able to do so using private chartered flights (according to Scott Boras) to ensure the safety of players.

But even then, there are still some added hurdles that will have to be worked out to complete deals across the league, not just for the Tigers organization.

Expect the Detroit Tigers to be active at the trade deadline, even if it is a smaller move that may not be anything groundbreaking.

While C.J. Cron has sustained a knee injury that has ended his season, his trade value becomes zero. Frankly, re-signing Cron is not a half-bad option, but that is a discussion for Avila and his staff later this fall.

But, it seems that the most liquid asset a team can move this trade deadline is going to be relief pitchers. The Tigers may not want to completely dismantle the bullpen that has been more reliable than in past years.

However, moving someone like Jose Cisnero or possibly even Bryan Garcia could be talked about. If the Tigers want to move a more coveted bullpen arm, they could toss around the idea of moving Buck Farmer.

Given his success and the fact that he seems to have settled into his new role, it may not be the best choice. Either way, the Tigers could move a reliever to get prospects to add to the mix of players they currently have.

In the rotation, the idea of trading Matthew Boyd may sound intriguing, but it will be hard to move a player who is struggling the way Boyd is. Even though Boyd would likely be the fourth starter in another team’s rotation, his struggles on the mound will likely drive off any interested teams.

Offensively, the Tigers could explore moving Jonathan Schoop, who is on a one-year contract and is no stranger to the trade deadline. While hanging onto Austin Romine would be beneficial to the pitching staff, if the offer is right, he could be worth shipping out for a team looking to add a catcher.

Other than that, the Tigers would be sacrificing a player who still could likely become a staple of this organization’s lineup or dumping a player who is going to land a bag of new baseballs in return.

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While some of the windows for a trades may have closed, the Detroit Tigers can still be a seller at the 2020 trade deadline if the opportunities allow for it.