Detroit Lions: 3 ways to slow Aaron Rodgers in Week 2 vs. Packers

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Strategy #3: Feed Adrian Peterson the ball regularly to keep the clock ticking

Watching Detroit’s defense collapse during the fourth quarter last weekend proved the unit’s efforts would be marginal at best after a short ride to Green Bay. Because of this, the Lions need to recognize that the concept of minimizing their collateral damage is vital if the team is going to pull a rabbit out of the hat and actually squeeze out a victory on the road against the Packers.

What does this mean? Well, Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekial Elliott has a tattoo on his stomach bearing the words, “Feed Me.” Correlating the mantra to Adrian Peterson, it’s precisely the strategy Detroit needs to embody this Sunday. The 35-year old back was explosive during his Motor City debut and rushed for 93-yards.

The quicker Darrell Bevell can get Peterson involved in the offense, the better. Early touches will get him warmed up and increase the Lions chances of walking away from the game without being thrashed by Aaron Rodgers.

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The clock will begin ticking, and by being committed to the run, the Lions will minimize the time Aaron Rodgers is on the field to run the score up.

Detroit must establish the run with their entire stable of backs, or otherwise face the difficulty of quarterback Matthew Stafford trying to keep up with Rodgers in a shootout.

Final Take

Head coach Matt Patricia’s continued ignorance from a defensive standpoint and, in general, is the main culprit in Detroit’s recent lack of success. Eleven times, in his tenure with Lions, the defense has squandered a fourth-quarter lead.

Honestly, embodying any defensive strategy besides this one will cement the Lions in defeat very early and result in a long, agonizing trip back to the Motor City.

The Lions three keys for a marginal chance at victory are employing press-coverage, attacking the Packers’ vulnerable offensive line at a high rate, and using a run-game focused offense as Detroit’s best defense.

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Forward down the field…without Kool-Aid, please.