Red Wings: Second-round of 2020 NHL Entry Draft going to be crucial

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The Detroit Red Wings have three second-round draft choices, which will be a crucial factor to their success in the 2020 NHL Entry Draft.

As the 2020 NHL Entry Draft continues to inch closer, the Detroit Red Wings will need to dial in and make sure they have a productive draft. Having three total second-round draft picks is going to help them.

The Red Wings will be making ten total picks over the three-day span and will bring in some new talent that General Manager (GM) Steve Yzerman views as part of the architecture of his Yzer-plan. Having this much draft capital should only prove beneficial within the draft as well as in future drafts.

The organization has been hoarding second-round picks between 2019, 2020, and 2021 NHL Entry Drafts, having three selections each year. Last year in Yzerman’s first season with the organization for the draft, he made three second-round selections.

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Last year, Yzerman would select Finnish defenseman Antti Tuomisto, Boston University forward Robert Mastrosimone, and Swedish defenseman Albert Johansson.

All three of these players are exciting and project to be future NHL serviceable talents that could evolve as time goes on.

The Red Wings will be picking ten apart for their second picks after making their first of the second round.

They possess the fourth, fourteenth, and twenty-fourth selections in the second round of this 2020 NHL Entry Draft.

As the organization approaches the draft, and they try to figure out who is best for this organization at fourth overall, the second round is going to be just as important.

While the same strategy needs to be taken, Yzerman needs to select the best player available.

When the Red Wings are on the clock, Yzerman’s draft skills need to be at work to ensure the organization is coming away with three projectable and hopeful future NHL talents that will just add to the architecture of this organization’s rebuild.

It is quite clear that the Red Wings rebuild is making strides, but this is only year two under the control of Yzerman, and he is still working through the transition and easing in HIS guys, HIS style, HIS ideas, and HIS strategies.

Given Tampa Bay’s recent success that led to a 2019-20 Stanley Cup Championship, whatever Yzerman does, the fanbase should be all for it. Until he proves otherwise that things are not getting better, the support should be there, knowing what could come of it in future years.

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Being that the draft only fuels the success in these future years with the development of these prospects, finding three exceptional prospects in the second round is going to be crucial for the Detroit Red Wings on draft day.