Detroit Lions rumors: Will Robert Saleh or Marvin Lewis be hired?

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With Detroit Lions head coach rumors all over social media, take a look at two candidates in recent rumors: Robert Saleh and Marvin Lewis.

If you’ve been on Twitter this week, you’ve seen the Detroit Lions rumors regarding the decision of who will be the next head coach. It’s been a whacky week on social media. What we won’t talk about is the stuff beyond our pay grade.

What we will discuss is how so many blue-collar workers are now NFL sources. Never before have a baker, a meteorologist, an air traffic controller, and a limo driver carried so much credibility when it comes to breaking NFL news.

Between Chicago, Detroit, and down to Cleveland, all three teams have been amongst the Twitter rumor mill’s most popular stories this week.

For the Lions, the word on the street is that fan-favorite candidate Robert Saleh’s interview in the Motor City “didn’t go well.” Another rumor is that the Lions’ brass were “impressed” by former Cincinnati Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis.

And an expected result, Lions fans are already disappointed.

The reason is understandable. The feeling that comes to mind when I think of Lewis is that he’s a solid fit in Detroit. It’s not from a coaching standpoint, though; it’s from a narrative aspect. Lewis was a good coach during his many seasons in Cincinnati.

The teams’ condition when he took over was pretty similar to that of Detroit’s currently. He was able to lead them on to multiple playoff appearances and considerable success during his tenure.

The problem is, he lost in every one of those post-season games. He went 0-7. That’s a feeling all too familiar if you’re a Lions fan. Are we good enough to even think about making the playoffs as the team stands now?

Hell no.

But they’re also still understandably unhappy with how the Matt Patricia era went in Detroit, especially when his predecessor, Jim Caldwell, was fired after going 9-7.

If the Detroit Lions hired Marvin Lewis, it feels like a mediocre move by a mediocre organization.

Detroit KNOWS they deserve better than that. They are right. I have little to no doubt that Lewis can still coach at the highest level. I hope he gets another chance too. I just don’t want it to be in Detroit.

Like many Lions fans, I already have my heart set on Saleh. His motivational skills and sense of urgency is something we haven’t seen from a head coach in decades in Detroit. It feels fresh, and fresh feels good.

The 41-year-old defensive coordinator for the San Francisco 49ers is highly sought by many teams. He interviewed with the Atlanta Falcons, finished his interview in Detroit on Thursday, then interviewed with the New York Jets on Friday. The Jacksonville Jaguars and Los Angeles Chargers also have requested permission to interview him.

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Where Detroit has the upper hand over these other teams is that Saleh is a Michigan native. He’s from nearby Dearborn, and many of his family are still located in the area.

The story seems perfect, but my advice is to take this all in stride. I too want Saleh in Detroit. He’s one of the brightest, young football minds available.

He’s also likely going to have an opportunity to return to Jacksonville, where he played football during his NFL career, as well as a potential pairing with the NFL rookie of the year in LA with Justin Herbert. Obviously, I don’t know where he will choose to go, but I know he will be an NFL head coach in 2021.

On the other hand, Could Lewis prove to be more successful when all of this is said and done? Sure, but this really does feel like the best fit during a coaching search in a long, long time.

According to, the Lions are the current favorites to court Saleh at  -200. I have a feeling we’re going to get our answer sooner rather than later.

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