Detroit Red Wings: Andrei Svechnikov is what the team wishes for Evgeny

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The Detroit Red Wings has not quite gotten what they would like to out of Evgeny Svechnikov, but with two games in the books against the Carolina Hurricanes, Andrei Svechnikov paints a picture. It can be quite clear what the organization could only wish for from the Svechnikov brother they have. Andrei is everything the Red Wings could wish for and more.

The Red Wings selected forward Evgeny Svechnikov with the nineteenth overall pick in the 2015 NHL Entry Draft. Three years later, the Carolina Hurricanes would select his brother, Andrei Svechnikov, with the second overall draft pick.

This is the same year the Red Wings would possess the sixth overall draft pick where they selected forward Filip Zadina, who put his talent on display in the second matchup with the Hurricanes of the 2020-21 season.

However, the focus is on Andrei and everything he brings on the table for the Hurricanes night in and night out compared to what Evgeny has been unable to do in a Red Wings uniform. Now there is a vast difference between a second overall and nineteenth overall draft choice, but the Red Wings still hoped that Evgeny would be suiting up in the winged wheel by now.

The Detroit Red Wings have watched Andrei Svechnikov show them what they wish they could get out of Evgeny Svechnikov.

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The Red Wings have squared off with the Hurricanes in both of their first two games. Andrei has been in the lineups both nights as he is on any regular night for the Hurricanes.

He has been off to a great start, notching two goals and an assist while showing he can be one of the better players across the league.

Meanwhile, his brother has not suited up for the Red Wings since last year, where he logged all of four games at the NHL level.

Andrei is 20 years old and ascending into the game’s top tier of players, whereas Evgeny is 24 and just trying to stay afloat.

Evgeny was recently placed on waivers but cleared them. He has played in just 20 games at the NHL level since 2016-17, where he has only two goals and two assists to show for it.

An injury knocked out his entire 2018-19 season, and injuries have kept him from showing what he can really be over an extended period of time for the Red Wings or the Grand Rapids Griffins.

On the other hand, Andrei came into the NHL in 2018-19 after being drafted, where he scored 20 goals and added 17 assists for 37 points. In 2019-20, Andrei had 24 goals and 37 assists for 61 points over 68 games for the Hurricanes.

Andrei is what the Red Wings wished they could have gotten from Evgeny, the offensively gifted, spirited, and not afraid to play physical. Then there’s Evgeny, struggling to grab hold of a third-line role and ending up on waivers.

Claiming that Evgeny could be as much of a star as his second overall pick brother may be a stretch, but the point is, Andrei shows Red Wings fans a taste of what the organization wished they got.

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The Detroit Red Wings will play the Hurricanes six more times before the season ends. Perhaps Evgeny Svechnikov will have earned a role on the NHL club by then.