Detroit Lions news: Brad Holmes officially announced as General Manager

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(Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images) /

The Detroit Lions have officially named Brad Holmes as the organization’s newest General Manager (GM). This is not the only Detroit Lions news to make the headlines this week after the Saints’ loss spurred heavy rumors about head coach candidate Dan Campbell.

However, the focus today is on the new GM hire. Holmes and the Lions are holding a Zoom press conference to introduce the new hire. Before the meeting with the media, Holmes held a Zoom meeting with 200 Ford Field staff members.

This pre-media Zoom shows how Holmes hopes to build a culture within this organization starting on day one. The Lions brought in Holmes for a second interview last week, where they agreed to terms of a 5-year deal to make him the new GM.

In Detroit Lions news, the organization has officially introduced Brad Holmes as the new General Manager.

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Along with Holmes’s announcement as the new GM,  Lions President Rod Wood noted that Mike Disner would have a bigger role with the organization to free up Holmes to focus on roster construction.

Holmes is known for his abilities in scouting and drafting, so his promotion to General Manager should allow him to focus on roster construction to produce a winning football team. That is the goal, at least.

When it comes to the coaching decision that seems to be decided, Holmes said he was asked to speak with some of the candidates. Rod Wood also stated that Holmes would have an awareness of the hire and be in support of the hire when it is officially announced.

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Now that Holmes is introduced and has been officially named the General Manager, the attention turns to the head coaching position. This seems to be all but official as well, with rumors circling of New Orleans Saints defensive backs coach Aaron Glenn being named the Lions’ new defensive coordinator, unofficially.