Detroit Lions rumors: 5 possible quarterbacks to target in 2021

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Could the Detroit Lions consider bringing in Carson Wentz?

3. Carson Wentz

No, thank you.

I’m sorry. that probably wasn’t fair. I’m just not the biggest Carson Wentz fan, and my dislike may not even be fair. The guy did, however, lead the NFL in turnovers in 2020.

Like Watson, Wentz is also under contract. It’s a big one too.

Before the Philadelphia Eagles hiring former Indianapolis Colts’ offensive coordinator Nick Sirianni, the divorce of Wentz and the Eagles seemed inevitable.

The falling out came after Wentz was regulated to clipboard duties on the Philly sidelines in favor of youngster Jalen Hurts. Hurts was given the reigns to the Eagles by former head coach Doug Peterson. Hurts played well after being given the team’s starting duties, and Wentz made it clear he was not happy as his backup.

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During the interview process to find Pederson’s predecessor, the organization reportedly told candidates that they planned on keeping Wentz rather than dealing him.

There may not be much of a market for Wentz given his $128 million contract and obvious regression a season ago.

The hiring of Sirianni also shows that the relationship may be repairable as he has former Eagles’ offensive coordinator and now current Colts’ head coach Frank Reich ingrained within him.

Reich was Wentz’s offensive coordinator during the most promising stretch of the quarterback’s career (2016-2017) and by himself reportedly made Indianapolis a preferred destination for Wentz in the event of a trade.

Wentz is another long-shot for Detroit, and even if a deal could be made, he’s probably not the answer for replacing Stafford, neither short nor long-term.