Detroit Lions: 5 Reasons for fans to love Jared Goff this Valentine’s Day

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5. Jared Goff is still young, and the Detroit Lions have options.

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At just 26 years old, there is plenty of potential left for Goff to succeed OR be traded in the future.

Brad Holmes was a major component in drafting Goff in 2016.

He may feel that Goff’s skill set can be built upon and around with the right coaching staff in place.

But, here’s the kicker, if that ends up not being the case, Goff will only be 28 at the end of his contract (which still has the potential to be restructured anyway, but I digress).

As long as he remains a serviceable veteran, the Detroit Lions’ front office will be able to survey the market at the time (be it before the end or at the end of his contract) for his best value. At that time in Goff’s career, no one will really be able to play the “aging quarterback” card.

What I’m playing at here is that the Lions will most likely have options based on Goff’s youth. That’s not usually a bad thing. Not to suggest that the Lions should be shopping Goff already, but they have options to consider.

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I’d be crazy to ask One Pride to chug the blue Goff Kool-Aid just yet, but hey, let’s give him a shot! This new regime and QB1 are more likely to succeed with this incredible fan base backing them! This Valentine’s Day the Lions fanbase needs to fall in love with the organization’s new quarterback.