Detroit Tigers: Fans can look forward to the new “Bash Brothers”

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The Detroit Tigers‘ future offense will be headlined with outfielder Riley Greene and infielder Spencer Torkelson. Another term to describe this duo might be the Tigers’ newest “Bash Brothers” with their one-two punch.

Many Detroit Tigers suffering through the rebuild might remember many years ago when Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder delivered that same one-two punch. While this was actually in the not-so-distant past, it feels like it has been quite some time since that has happened.

But, with Spring Training in full effect, the prospect pipeline is blooming with information regarding the organizations’ best and brightest. Riley Greene hitting in front of Spencer Torkelson, who will clean things up, sounds like quite the setup.

While Greene is just 20 years old and Torkelson is 21 years old, it may be at least a year or two before these two work their way to the big leagues, but the future is bright. Once these two finally settle in, the Tigers are going to have a lot to look forward to.

The Detroit Tigers have their newest “Bash Brothers” working their way to the big leagues.

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When Greene was selected sixth overall in the 2019 First-Year Amateur Draft, it was clear that the kid could hit.

He is still growing into his frame and settling into a more muscular build. Greene has a power-tool that was rated pretty highly.

As he works his way through the minor leagues and targets the big leagues, his power threat should only increase even more.

Expect Greene to be a future big-league corner outfielder who can easily hit before Torkelson and excel.

That brings us to “SpennyT,” who has one of (if not) the cleanest and purest swings from the 2020 First-Year Amateur Draft. The first overall selection could wind up being comparable to New York Mets star Pete Alonso.

If the Tigers can luck out with two power-hitting studs like Greene and Torkelson to anchor the lineup, the team will be in good shape. By breeding the two “Bash Brothers” from within as former draft picks, the team will have a solid foundation that the offense uses to excel beyond the rebuild.

Fans should be excited to see this play out; Greene will be a power threat and all-around exceptional ballplayer. Torkelson is likely to be a generational talent, maybe a bit more hit-tool-focused, though he is very athletic overall.

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As the future “Bash Brothers” stick around at Detroit Tigers big-league training camp, keep an eye on them, and enjoy thinking about what the future will be like with these two.