Detroit Lions: 2021 Seven-Round Mock NFL Draft with trades 2.0

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When I wrote my first Detroit Lions mock NFL Draft, six weeks remained until the big day on April  26. We’ve now reached the halfway point on that month and a half stretch, meaning there are now three weeks to go. That period of time might not sound like a ton of time, but my oh my, so much has changed.

Last week the wheels began to turn on the draft machine. We saw the San Francisco 49ers trade with the Miami Dolphins, moving from the No. 12 overall selection up to No. 3. That’s not where things stopped, though. Within a couple of hours, it was announced that the Dolphins had then moved back up to No. 6 after making a move with the Philadelphia Eagles.

On paper, this appears like a win for all teams involved. There is no doubt about it, in my opinion, that John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan moved forward to get a franchise-leading quarterback. That same day Lynch was seen on the NFL Network, attending Zach Wilson’s Pro-Day in person. Other players likely to land in San Francisco are quarterbacks Justin Fields of Ohio State University and Mac Jones of Alabama.

In my eyes, this move was made for Fields, but we’re not going to dive too deep into that today. Instead, we’re going to focus on the Detroit Lions and which route they may move down later this month.

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As of the day of this writing, Detroit still holds the No. 7 overall pick in the first round, but the players rumored to fall to the Lions have changed drastically. When I wrote my first mock draft, guys like Kyle Pitts, Ja’Marr Chase, and Penei Sowell virtually stood no chance of being on the draft board after pick No. 6. Now, however, it seems possible they could land any of the three.

That’s enough talking though, let’s jump into the action. As always, we will be using The Draft Network premium subscription for the mock!