Detroit Red Wings have sixth-best 2021 NHL Draft Lottery odds

(Photo by Andy Marlin/Getty Images for NHLI)
(Photo by Andy Marlin/Getty Images for NHLI) /

The Detroit Red Wings have now officially learned their fate for the 2021 NHL Draft Lottery. The finalization of the team’s odds has officially been announced ahead of the draft lottery. The 2021 NHL Draft Lottery itself will occur on June 2nd, 2021, as the league had already set the date.

The Detroit Red Wings possess the sixth-best odds to earn the first-overall selection in the 2021 NHL Entry Draft. The Red Wings percentage sits at 7.6%, which is near the top of the list. These last few years, the 2021 NHL Draft Lottery has seemed to be a bit “rigged” or a bit lopsided, to say the least.

With the team’s recent luck, the 7.6% chance at first will land them well below sixth overall. For some reason, the Red Wings seem to be incredibly unlucky in the 2021 NHL Draft Lottery, so fans should be ready for another year of disappointment from the lottery.

The Buffalo Sabres landed the top spot with 16.6% odds at landing the first overall selection. The Anaheim Ducks came in at 12.1%, which was the second-best for the first overall. Then at third-best is the Seattle Kraken, who enter the mix as they have joined the league officially.

Detroit Red Wings fans can prepare for disappointment in the 2021 NHL Draft Lottery.

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As the Red Wings await their fate in two weeks, the likely result is not going to be the most favorable. Fans should be prepared for a pick in the five or higher range.

Yzerman will find out the team’s fate along with the fanbase soon enough, then prepare for the July 23rd and 24th draft.

The draft lottery will determine the first sixteen selections of the 2021 NHL Entry Draft, where the Red Wings will hope for a top pick even though the likelihood is not in the top five.

The better performance in 2020-21 means that the Red Wings are moving up the lottery, not into the top spot.

Red Wings General Manager (GM) Steve Yzerman has done a great job establishing draft capital, so the team will be flexible. Whether the Red Wings up with the lucky first overall selection or are near the top, they have options.

If Yzerman has his eyes set on someone, he could very well maneuver around using all of his draft capital. With a few Michigan Wolverines who were playing right under Yzerman’s nose this season, maybe he has his eyes set on someone like Matty Beniers or Owen Power.

But, until the 2021 NHL Draft Lottery comes along to disappoint the fanbase and Red Wings organization, there is no telling who the Red Wings may zero in on in the first round. Stay tuned to see where the Red Wings end up selecting in two weeks.

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The Red Wings have the sixth-best odds as mentioned above, and hopefully, the odds are in their favor.