Detroit Tigers: Michael Fulmer could be trade bait in 2021

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The Detroit Tigers may still be celebrating Spencer Turnbull’s gem of a no-hitter from a few nights ago. However, baseball is a business, and one day you could be starting over at third base, and that very night, you could be on a plane heading to a new city after being traded or, worse, demoted.

Players come and go, and on a rebuilding team, the Detroit Tigers fanbase is no stranger to this. The players who are there at the start often are the veterans who stick through the rebuild or are dealt away for spare parts.

In this case, Michael Fulmer is one of the players who could be traded away in 2021 as his trade stock is on the rise. Fulmer has turned things around in 2021 for the Tigers, seeming to figure it out as sort of a jack-of-all-trades-type pitcher.

He may not be the same starting pitcher who was a Rookie of the Year and was garnering trade interest from the New York Yankees and Houston Astros, who offered Gleyber Torres and Alex Bregman, respectively. However, Fulmer is still going to be getting trade buzz in 2021.

Detroit Tigers pitcher Michael Fulmer is going to generate trade buzz in 2021.

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So far in 2021, Fulmer has pitched in 14 games, starting four and closing five for the Tigers organization.

He has totaled 29.2 innings pitched, where he has a 3.34 ERA, a 1.11 WHIP, and 28 punchouts. Fulmer has a 3-2 record with three saves as well.

For anyone who is reading this and knows about the Tampa Bay Rays pitching staff, this sounds like a match made in heaven.

With Fulmer being able to be a starting pitcher who only throws four to six innings, come out of the pen for three or more innings, or close the door for a save, there is a lot to like.

The Rays seem like a very realistic landing spot. After falling short in the 2020 World Series, the team may be fighting to try and make another run in 2021.

The Rays always seem to try and do so on a budget. Parting ways with some prospects for Fulmer where the Tigers hope to strike it rich might be a very realistic situation.

However, the Rays are not the only team that is going to need pitching help. There are going to be teams looking for a versatile arm like Fulmer; the question will be what the best offer is. If Tigers General Manager (GM) Al Avila is serious, he will pull the trigger on a trade.

Anything that nets the organization more prospects and more players to add into the mix should be considered a win for the Tigers. While shipping off Fulmer might suck, the rebuild is far from its completion, and the more prospects, the merrier.

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As the 2021 season continues on, do not be shocked to hear Michael Fulmer’s name talked about when it comes to trade rumors and the Detroit Tigers.