Detroit Red Wings: Get ready for Steve Yzerman to work some magic

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The Detroit Red Wings are going to be in for a treat this summer. While the team will not take the ice for quite some time, they have an exciting 2021 NHL Entry Draft to look forward to. General Manager (GM) Steve Yzerman has captivated this fanbase with his Yzerplan.

Overall, the Detroit Red Wings have done a great job in the draft since Yzerman has come back to the organization in the front office. The first selection Yzerman made was defenseman Moritz Seider, who will be something special at the NHL level.

Now, as the 2021 NHL Entry Draft inches closer and closer, the Red Wings will be making twelve total draft picks. After a few trades, as the trade deadline came about in 2021, the organization will be bringing in 12 new faces in the seven-round draft.

However, the fanbase knows Steve Yerman, and he is always one to make some interesting moves. The fanbase should be expecting the Red Wings GM to work some magic by the time the draft is said and done.

Detroit Red Wings fans should be ready for Steve Yzerman to work some magic in the 2021 NHL Entry Draft.

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The Red Wings are going to walk away with another great draft class, that is certain.

Yzerman has been a magician when it comes to shifting around draft capital, so the expectation should be that the Red Wings are going to maneuver their picks around.

He did a great job of it in 2020, making trades and shifting things around to get the most out of the team’s draft capital.

With two first-round picks (as of now), the Red Wings could very well be adding in two top-flight talents as well as an early second-round pick who surely will be an exceptional player. But, scouting for this year’s draft has been much harder.

In the middle of a pandemic, teams had to find creative and effective ways to evaluate players and be able to scout like a normal year. Yzerman made it very clear that he is not happy about the 2021 talent evaluation process and advocated for a postponed or moved draft.

That being said, with so much draft capital in 2021, I would expect Yzerman to start flopping picks left and right and working trades to stretch this draft capital into the future. It seems like a very logical scenario and one that could unfold over the course of the draft excitingly.

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Either way, the Red Wings are going to have a great draft with Yzerman running things. The Yzerplan has been moving in the right direction so far, so do not count out some magic in this year’s draft.