Detroit Red Wings: What to expect from Richard Panik in year two

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The Detroit Red Wings traded Anthony Mantha in a blockbuster deal with the Washington Capitals at this year’s trade deadline. While this trade is the one that gifted the Red Wings a first-round pick and Jakub Vrána, there was a third leg of the trade as well.

The Detroit Red Wings also received forward Richard Panik, a 30-year old winger who has been moved around the league quite a few times. He is signed through the 2021-22 season and carries a $2.75 million cap hit that is not the most desirable.

It’s not a lot of money for a team like the Red Wings to spend, but $2.75 million for a player who has steadily decreased production these past few seasons is not the most ideal. Keep in mind; there is also a chance that Panik is exposed in the expansion draft.

He may not be the most exciting player out there from the Red Wings, but Panik could be exposed for the Seattle Kraken to select in the NHL Expansion Draft after just being acquired. If not selected, he will return to the Red Wings for a full season in 2021-22.

The Detroit Red Wings should not expect much from Richard Panik in 2021-22.

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After being acquired in the Mantha deal, he was a throw-in to add some cap value to counteract Mantha, even with Vrána included. There is not much to desire with Panik’s offense, which has been on a steady decline.

While being traded and moving around may be a contributor to that, he has declined the past few seasons. In 2020-21, Between his time with the Capitals and Red Wings, Panik logged 48 total games.

In total, Panik had 13 points by way of four goals and nine assists. One goal and three assists were accrued during his time with the Red Wings after his trade. In his second year with the Red Wings, he is going to be nothing much.

A bottom-six filler forward who eats up some minutes for the Red Wings. Taking him on for his $2.75 million cap hit is worth it, thinking about what else the Red Wings were able to net from the trade.

A first-round pick is going to help Steve Yzerman work wonders by way of trade or adding two first-round quality prospects. Beyond that, the team also added Vrána, who appears that he is going to settle in quite nicely in Hockeytown.

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So, while there is not much to expect, Panik is going to be worth it. Being the throw-in who will occasionally tally a goal and log minutes on the third and fourth line is worth it.