Detroit Tigers: Could Al Avila dip into the backyard to take Alex Mooney?

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On July 11th, 2021, the Detroit Tigers will embark on the 2021 MLB Draft, where they have the third overall pick. They also own picks in Compensation Round A and the third choice of the second round, meaning they pick at third overall, then again at picks 32nd and 39th.

The Detroit Tigers are likely doing their due diligence on the talents all across the country, but they may be able to dip into their back pocket and pull out some local talent. By choosing to target a player who’s been performing right under their noses and in their own backyard, they may get a steal.

When I wrote up a Mock Draft for this upcoming draft, I had the Tigers selecting Florida High Schooler Jay Allen and Arkansas Razorback backstop Casey Opitz with these two selections. The more I look at it and some nudging from Brian Sakowski’s tweets, I thought I should re-think this.

Once again, I will stand by my statement that taking collegiate talent is my favored route, but if I could make a change to my mock draft, I would have the Tigers selecting Alex Mooney. The product of Orchard Lake St. Mary’s (OLSM) high school would be a great addition.

The Detroit Tigers might dip into their own backyard to select OLSM product Alex Mooney in the 2021 MLB Draft.

Formerly mentioned, Brian Sakowski, Perfect Game National Scouting Supervisor and Assistant Coach with OLSM knows a thing or two about Mooney. The kid is going to be good, and Mooney is a big advocate for him.

Here’s a comment from Brian Sakowski in regards to Mooney from a Perfect Game MLB Draft Report:

"“He’s got the ingredients to play shortstop long term but will need to continue refining his timing there, and on the whole projects as a good everyday major leaguer.”"

The local boy is a stud and has some real tools to be excited about. If the Tigers want to reach into their back pocket and scoop up a very projectable player, Mooney seems like an excellent bet and a safe pick.

Mooney has a good swing, a quick leg lift that allows him to get the front foot down early and sync up his kinetic timing/sequencing. He does a good job getting the barrel through the zone with good timing from heel strike to hip turn to his hands getting through the zone.

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Personally, after looking into some videos of hits on Twitter and using slow-mo to look at his swing, there’s a lot to like.

Good bat speed with good kinetic sequencing allows him to get good extension and cover the zone well.

Besides his abilities at the plate, Mooney does a great job in the field defensively and on the basepaths.

He’s smart and a disruptive runner, which bodes well in development as he learns to be a base stealer or, at minimum, a good base-runner.

A simple google search or Twitter search on Mooney shows you that he is a plus-defender.

But mixing all of these tools together with a possible development pattern, there’s a lot to like with Mooney.

If the Tigers pick rolls around at 32nd or 39th and the team wants to dip into the local reservoir of talent, Mooney is the guy. Mooney slots in at 63rd on MLB dot com’s top prospect list, but there are plenty who could see him rising up higher.

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Time will tell, but if the Tigers are going to go the hometown boy route, Mooney is right there on a platter for them to select.