Detroit Tigers: A look at picks from rounds 2-5 of the 2021 MLB Draft

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The Detroit Tigers continue on the journey that is the 2021 MLB Draft. Meanwhile, it seems like the fanbase is waiting with pitchforks and torches outside Comerica Park, hoping General Manager (GM) Al Avila comes out to greet the public.

Frankly, it seems like a bit much. The Detroit Tigers have made 11 total selections through the first two days. With the third overall pick, the Tigers opted to go with prep arm Jackson Jobe which seems to have set the fanbase into an angry frenzy.

Jobe projects to be a solid arm for the Tigers’ future, and even with the risk, he is an excellent arm to add to the organization. There’s going to be time to debate Jobe in the future, so the focus of this piece is on the players who were added on day two.

The Tigers had a pitcher-heavy day but added three bats in the mix as well. The focus was infusing more arms into the organization, and the team’s picks on day two accomplished that. The organization is doing what they can to set themselves better for the rebuild.

Here’s a look at who the Detroit Tigers took in rounds 2-5 on day two.

If there’s one thing to note about all of the pitchers being selected, it is that they can likely move pitchers with ease. Trading pitching for hitting has long proven to be easier for teams. So freaking out over the influx of pitchers seems dumb; they can use pitchers to trade for hitters and better the organization’s positional players.

But, that being said, dive into the four players the Tigers selected; a position player and three pitchers.