Detroit Tigers: Exploring the idea of trading for shortstop Trevor Story

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The Detroit Tigers are approaching the 2021 trade deadline, and there’s plenty of moves to be anticipated. One of those moves is Colorado Rockies shortstop Trevor Story. It seems like the Rockies shortstop could very well be on the move in the coming days.

The Detroit Tigers have some minimal assets at the trade deadline, and many people have been talking about who to sell off, but what about being buyers? Could the Detroit Tigers be in on Trevor Story and be pulling off a move to get him as a rental with hopes to re-sign him?

I sure hope not. If the Tigers are going to do anything, they should be signing a big-name shortstop this offseason. The shortstop of the future debate is likely something that will be talked about a lot this offseason.

Trading for Story makes sense, the logic behind it is there, but it is not the best move for this organization. If the team feels the time is right to add a shortstop, bringing one in during free agency is the best move; trading for one now who is a pending free agent is not the best move.

The Detroit Tigers should avoid a Trevor Story trade.

Story is one of the hot commodities of this season’s trade deadline trade block. He’s 28 years old and will be a free agent in the coming months after the 2021 season. He’s been a part of the Rockies infield since 2016, when he made his debut.

He’s a two-time all-star, two-time silver slugger and is expected to get a nice payday this offseason. With the Tigers being in the market for their future shortstop, the thought is that Story could be acquired now, finish 2021 with the team, and then be locked up on a contract extension.

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In 2021, Story has logged 85 games where he has slashed .242/.313/.425 with 12 home runs and 46 RBI. He’s known for his ability to be a power-hitting shortstop who can drive in runs.

He’s a great shortstop, exceptional player, but he’s not the player the Tigers need to be targeting for a couple of reasons.

First off, his power is going to decrease away from Coors. It’s my belief that after he leaves Coors Field, the Coors Field effect will take his power from him. Need further proof?

At home this year, Story is slashing .291/.345/.477 with six home runs and 31 RBI over 172 at-bats. On the road, Story is slashing .185/.274/.363 with six home runs and 15 RBI over 146 at-bats.

It’s not to say he won’t hit for power, but his ability to drive the baseball as well as he does in Coors is going to bring down his stock as a player. That segues into reason number two that the Tigers should avoid him.

He will still be a good shortstop, but trading for Story is not the best option. Giving up prospects for a rental player when the team is not postseason bound with the hopes to re-sign him is not the best move. It could backfire if he were to head to a new team in free agency, and then the team is throwing away prospects.

Avoiding a trade for Story is a smart move altogether. If the Tigers really want to get ahold of Story and make him the shortstop of the future, making a run at him in free agency is the best move.

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As the trade deadline continues to inch closer, the team should shut down any trade talks with the Rockies for Trevor Story.