Detroit Lions: Matthew Stafford is going to go off in 2021-22 season

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The Detroit Lions may have a new quarterback under center for their games at Ford Field, but Matthew Stafford will still be taking snaps in 2021. He will be wearing a number “9” jersey for the Los Angeles Rams in the upcoming season after a blockbuster trade.

When the Detroit Lions traded Matthew Stafford, it may seem like a piece of the organization died off, but that happens; it’s sports. It sucks to see Stafford go, and fans across Metro Detroit were sad to see the man who has given his all to the city for the last 12 seasons.

The former first overall pick out of the University of Georgia back in 2009, Stafford has been the team’s quarterback. He was a star on and off the field and gave plenty to this team and this city. Whether it was leading fourth-quarter comebacks with plenty of injuries or doing charity work around the city, Stafford was a major piece of the Lions and Detroit itself.

It’s weird to see Stafford practicing in a Rams uniform and hearing him as a part of Rams news, but with the 2021 season quickly approaching on the horizon, it will become the norm. Stafford will be with a new team and likely be showing a new version of himself.

Former Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford is going to turn heads.

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Stafford is going to be playing for head coach Sean McVay, who just three seasons ago took his team to the Super Bowl.

While things have not been great since then, Stafford could be the spark plug for that team’s offense.

Nothing against Jared Goff, but a change of scenery may do him well too. Stafford will have a nice crop of receivers to throw too.

He has Cooper Kupp, DeSean Jackson, and Robert Woods to throw to while going off in 2021.

Stafford’s last season with the Lions saw him throw for 4,084 yards while adding 26 touchdowns as well.

In his best season, 2011, Stafford threw for 5,038 yards while tossing 41 touchdowns on the season.

The Rams got a good one with Stafford, and he’s going to prove it in 2021. He will be turning heads and putting the national crowd on attention. It seems like Stafford did not get the respect he had deserved when he was in Detroit.

Things should change in Los Angeles, and while playing for the Rams, Stafford will be able to get the respect and attention he deserves. The Detroit faithful love him, and it could be some fandom taking over, but hopefully, Stafford can get the job done in Los Angeles.

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Time will tell, but in 2021, some of the Lions faithful may keep more tabs than usual on the Rams and Stafford in his new home.