Detroit Tigers could get second chance at shortstop Marcus Semien

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The Detroit Tigers could very likely be players in the free-agent market this upcoming offseason. Veteran shortstop Marcus Semien is one of the guys whose name has been tossed around. While the frontrunner and destined option seems like it will be Carlos Correa, he may be too expensive.

The Detroit Tigers are not really a team that will shell out money left and right, but getting a full package shortstop is going to be important. The rumors have been floating about in favor of spending and in favor of not, but the idea of spending sure sounds intriguing.

It seems like this “has” to be the offseason. This is “it.” If that is the case, the Tigers are likely going to be in the market for one of the top-tier shortstops. But looking at the grouping, only a few should be considered as “wins” for the organization.

Correa is one of them; he is the frontrunner. Many think Trevor Story is the option, but he is far from a good option. If the Tigers miss out on Correa, they should be looking to Marcus Semien as a shortstop answer that stills flexes the pocketbook.

The Detroit Tigers could sign Marcus Semien this offseason.

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He may not be a headliner shortstop, but he did finish third in MVP voting back in 2019. He’s a player who has seemingly gone through a breakthrough in his career in the past few seasons.

Currently playing for the Toronto Blue Jays, Semien is one of the many free-agent shortstops who will be on the market this offseason.

On his current deal, he cost the Blue Jays $18 million on his one-year contract and likely would still be asking for a pretty penny in free agency this offseason.

There is a catch with Semien, though. The veteran infielder is 30 years old, so he may not be the true long-term option.

However, he could be someone the Tigers treat similar to Jonathan Schoop and use him as a two- or three-year guy, hoping he can prove to be worth the money the Tigers shell out. The plus side of Semien is that he can play multiple positions.

So, even if the team signs him to be the future shortstop on a multi-year deal, if things do not work out as expected, he could likely be shifted over to second or third base, and a new option at shortstop could be brought in.

It’s one of those things where the pros seem to outweigh the cons. Semien may not be the top option this year, but as the Tigers scope out free-agent options this offseason, they should not count out signing Semien on a shorter but still multi-year contract.

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The best option is going to be Correa, no matter how you look at it, but Semien is a solid backup plan.