Detroit Tigers: Willi Castro is still finding his footing in the big leagues

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The Detroit Tigers are still hoping for Willi Castro to start breaking out. While it’s been over 100 games in the big leagues this season, he is still finding his footing. He has been moved around the field as well, playing more than just shortstop.

As the Detroit Tigers wrap up their 2021 season, Willi Castro is still looking for his true role. Coming into the 2021 season, Castro was expected to lock down the shortstop role. However, that has not quite happened as his defense has not been as crisp as was hoped.

While Detroit Jock City Co-Expert Bob Heyrman will tell you, his arm has been worrisome for quite some time. Castro has not changed much after arriving in the big leagues, but his defense has slowly gotten better.

However, Castro has also been spending time around the field, even logging a few games out in left field to get some work in. The hope should be that he can turn the tide and become a staple of this team’s lineup. The question is if he can truly change things around and stick.

Detroit Tigers shortstop Willi Castro is still finding his footing.

He will be with the organization for some time now, barring any trades or DFA moves, but he still needs to iron things out to be worthwhile. In 2021, Castro has logged 117 games where he is slashing .213/.270/.347 with nine home runs 37 RBI.

Overall, Castro has been a little underwhelming after coming off a strong 2020 season. Last season, Castro played in 36 of the 60 games season; he slashed .349/.381/.550 with six home runs and 24 RBI.

Overall in his three-year stretch, he has logged a little over a full season of baseball. He’s played in 183 total games where he has slashed .244/.295/.388 with 16 home runs and 69 RBI. All told, not a bad product from the youngster.

If Castro can wind up ultimately being a 15 home run and 70-80 RBI middle infielder, it should leave him room to carve out a role. While he is not the shortstop of the future, he will most likely be able to play a role in some capacity, most likely as a second baseman.

As he continues to become more versatile defensively, it adds to the reasons to keep him around the organization and a part of this team’s future. While Hittin’ Harold Castro seems to have the utility role on lock, having a few extra bats who can play multiple positions will help.

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Not to mention, Castro’s switch-hitting ability helps buy him some more worth. The truth is, he should be able to latch on and play a role with the Tigers.