Detroit Tigers: Marcus Semien is looking more intriguing by the day

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The Detroit Tigers season is all but finished, and the offseason will begin soon. While some teams are going to continue into the fall chasing the World Series title, the Tigers will start evaluating the offseason plans.

One of these plans will be possibly spending some money to beef up the Detroit Tigers roster. One of the players that they could very well be targeting is shortstop Marcus Semien from the Toronto Blue Jays.

The team already has had chances to bring him in before during past free agency years, but the budget was just not matching up with a player of his caliber. Remember that Semien almost took home an MVP award back in 2019, where he finished third in the voting.

As the offseason comes around, the Tigers may be taking an interest in Semien in their hunt for a future shortstop. Around the trade deadline, there were rumors of trading for Trevor Story, but that would be a poor choice.

Marcus Semien looks more intriguing every day for the Detroit Tigers.

He was an all-star earlier this summer and is having another exceptional year after signing with the Toronto Blue Jays coming into the 2021 season. Semien has logged 155 games where he is slashing .271/.341/.548 with 43 home runs and 99 RBI on the season.

This is the first time he has cracked 40 home runs, and his next closest was in 2019 where he launched 33 en route to being an MVP candidate. If the Tigers want to shell out some money, Semien might be the guy.

Personally, the intrigue of Carlos Correa is there. The connection to A.J. Hinch is there. The appeal of building a 2017 Astros sort of team here in Detroit (minus the trash can) is there. However, Semien deserves a heck of a look before Chris Ilitch cuts any checks.

Correa does have some injury woes, whereas Semien has been a proven veteran. If the Tigers are truly going to start spending money this offseason on a shortstop, bringing in a player like Semien is a great move.

While the team wants their future shortstop straight up, Semien has some versatility and could play second or third if needed. Having the versatility is a big deal and does give him some more points in the Correa v.s. Semien race.

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So, as the 2021 season draws near the end, Semien should be considered for this offseason as the team starts to shell out some money. He’s a veteran who deserves a long-term deal; the question is if the Tigers will shell out the money.