Detroit Tigers: Bringing Max Scherzer home this offseason is a dream

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The Detroit Tigers are rumored to be going after a starting pitcher this offseason. The biggest question is going to be how much money they are willing to spend. If the Tigers want to make a big splash, they should bring home a former Tigers pitcher.

The idea of the Detroit Tigers bringing home Max Scherzer is by far one the best but also probably one of the most far-fetched. But, taking off the writer/blogger cap for a moment, a fan can dream, right?

Scherzer has by far been one of the best arms I had the pleasure of watching while growing up and was my personal favorite Tigers pitcher in the early 2010s. If the Tigers brought back Scherzer, I can say I would be jumping for joy and be elated with the move.

The idea is very far-fetched and incredibly unlikely, but it sure does look good on paper. So as the offseason starts to get closer and closer, the hope for some big spending grows higher and higher. Bringing home Scherzer is a long shot, but it would be so great.

The Detroit Tigers should make a run at Max Scherzer.

While the odds the team sells out for Scherzer is next to nothing, it sure would be nice to see him back in Detroit. He was traded at the deadline this season, and he looks like he might have been the best move, given that the Los Angeles Dodgers have benefitted a lot from him.

Overall this year, with both the Dodgers and Washington Nationals, Scherzer has made 30 starts. He’s pitched to a 15-4 record where he had a 2.46 ERA, a 0.86 WHIP, and 236 strikeouts over 179.1 innings pitched.

Needless to say, Scherzer has been outstanding, and if the Tigers were to bring him back, it would be a dream come true. He was one of the team’s best arms for years, and the Tigers opted to let him walk, which proved to be a fatal choice.

Whether he was going to be “too expensive” or not, keeping Scherzer around would have kept the organization in check over the years. Who knows how things would have ended up, but now is an opportunity to get him and bring him home.

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While the reality of this move happening is next to nothing, and I know that it really would be awesome. As I said at the beginning, as fans, we have to be able to dream, right?