Detroit Tigers on the hunt for a free agent shortstop

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Detroit Tigers, Al Avila
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The Detroit Tigers will be entering this offseason in a position to be adding pieces for a future run for the first time in a long while. These past couple of years have most certainly felt like some sour times with painful performance, but the end most certainly seems near.

Recently, Detroit Tigers’ owner Chris Ilitch and general manager Al Avila have stated that this phase of the rebuild is over, and the groundwork is set to begin spending to compete. This ultimately means we will see some new free agent faces in Detroit soon. The ultimate question: Who?

Well, the starting point of speculation has been at the shortstop position, given the glut of free-agent talent available and the Tigers’ desperate need for a lockdown piece at the position (apologies, Willi Castro). With all the talent available, it seems like there are no wrong answers for the position.

Out of the available shortstops this offseason, there seem to be two distinct tiers of players the Tigers could target. Within these tiers is a wide array of potential talent, prices, and availability, and they can be arranged in order of appeal as well.

The Tigers could go big or end up going home; time will be the only determinant of that. Fans seem to be under the assumption that Ilitch is going to open up the checkbook for Avila and let him spend some money.

The reality is, Ilitch may say, “not so fast…” and slow that train down before it even leaves the station.

Here are two routes the Detroit Tigers can go while looking for a shortstop.