Detroit Tigers: Carlos Correa sweepstakes has a new suitor

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The Detroit Tigers are moving towards the offseason as the postseason rages on. The Tigers’ offseason is likely going to be filled with rumors, Carlos Correa rumors to be exact. It seems like this offseason is going to be full of rumors about the veteran shortstop.

As Correa hits the market, the road to starting to spend money and bring in someone like Correa is not going to be as easy as some may have thought initially. If the Detroit Tigers are really in on Correa, they may have some more suitors to fend off than expected.

Besides the fact that the Tigers would have to pay a pretty penny for Correa, there are going to be plenty of teams in on him. Coming to Detroit to re-join A.J. Hinch certainly is an attractive option, but staying in Houston is probably another solid plan.

But there’s a new suitor in town. The New York Yankees labeled one of their offseason needs as a shortstop, given that they want to move Gleyber Torres to second base and use D.J. Lemahieu’s versatility to their advantage. If there is one thing we all know about the Yankees, they’ll pay.

Detroit Tigers may have another suitor in the Carlos Correa sweepstakes.

There’s obviously a lot of attraction for Correa to end up in New York. Ultimately, it seems like there’s more information coming out about Correa wanting to end up in the Bronx. An article from Yanks Go Yard on the FanSided Network details an interview from Correa during some time in Puerto Rico.

Correa mentions enjoying the East coast and likes pinstripes. By no means does this mean that any sort of decision will be made over the way a team’s jersey looks. But this coming into the light of day makes it seem like there is going to be another suitor, hot in the pursuit of Correa.

The Tigers seem to have made their own intentions clear to be going after a big-name shortstop, and Correa is likely one of them. But it looks like there are going to be a few big-market teams that are going to open up their pocketbooks as well.

A team like the Yankees joining the mix has to decrease the odds of the Tigers landing him. If the Tigers opt to pursue Correa and not someone like Corey Seager, Marcus Semien, or any of the other options.

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Time will tell but with the Yankees’ emergence in the shortstop market, who knows.