Detroit Tigers: The offseason starting brings uncertainty

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The Detroit Tigers are officially moving into the offseason in the coming days, which means that there are many questions left to be asked. The recent trade for veteran catcher Tucker Barnhart really kicked things off for the offseason, but it is far from over. It’s only just begun.

As the Detroit Tigers start to map things out, they will need to figure out what is best for the organization this offseason. One of the things that comes to mind the most is addressing free agency. Between the need for a shortstop and the need for starting pitching, who knows what they will do.

The organization opted to address one of the needs early by adding in Barnhart, but the offseason priority is seemingly going to be a shortstop. The biggest thing to remember here is that while they are expected to “spend significantly” this offseason, this is the Tigers organization, not the New York Yankees.

While this fanbase is going to riot if the Tigers do not sign shortstop Carlos Correa, they may not have the means to do so. The Tigers are going to do some spending, but the pocketbook is not going to be deep enough to support the needs of what Correa is asking.

Honestly, that’s good. There’s plenty who will disagree, but Correa is not going to be the Tigers shortstop of the future, and he shouldn’t be. There are better options in terms of value. But that’s just one obstacle of this offseason.

The Detroit Tigers offseason leaves fans feeling uncertain.

Besides shortstops in free agency, the Tigers have to sign some starting pitching help, and doing so is going to require the Tigers to make some critical decisions. Bringing in starting pitchers who make the most sense and bring value to the organization.

The Tigers are going to need a starting pitcher or two; bringing in someone like Julio Teheran again on a low-money contract is not going to do the trick. However, being able to target someone mid-range who makes the rotation marginally better is the way to go.

The biggest issue goes back to uncertainty once again. There are question marks all over between shortstops and starting pitchers. Building a bullpen is another task at hand that has to be considered.

As the Tigers move through this offseason, more and more news will be uncovered, players will get signed, a trade or two is likely, and the 2022 roster will take shape. Some motives or predictions about this offseason have been made/hinted at for the organization, but the future really is uncertain.

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Expect a lot of craziness this offseason, Tigers fans, but things are moving in the right direction.