Detroit Tigers recruit a new upper-level pitching coordinator from college ranks

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It’s the offseason for the Detroit Tigers, and they are going to make a flurry of moves. However, one of the team’s recent moves was to add to the organization’s pitching development staff. The Tigers were able to grab a collegiate coach to add to the upper-level coordination of pitching development.

While this move by the Detroit Tigers may not be one of the more exciting ones this offseason, it is crucial. Having quality pitching development is vital for any organization that is going to work on bringing prospects into the big leagues.

The Tigers organization is doing just that. With the hiring of Chris Fetter, they were able to boost the development of some of their premier arms at the big league level. However, there’s a long road to get to the big leagues, and the Tigers have to do a lot to get players there.

Recently, the Tigers were able to bring in Steve Smith from Tennessee Tech University to be the team’s upper-level pitching coordinator. It’s a move that helps the Tigers bolster up their pitching development staff and work to get their prospects to the big leagues smoothly.

The Detroit Tigers add Steve Smith to beef up their pitching development.

Smith has spent the last two seasons with the Tennessee Tech Golden Eagles and was with Baylor University before that, according to a piece about his hiring from The Tennesseean. He will add his collegiate knowledge to the organization and look to produce top-tier pitching talent.

The organization already has a grouping of younger pitchers in the big leagues, but there are going to be other pitchers who are making their way to the big leagues. In 2021, the Tigers drafted pitcher Jackson Jobe out of high school and are hoping he will join the team’s rotation as a key piece in the future.

With a strong pitching development path through the Tigers organization, this can be a possibility. Adding in Smith as a pitching coordinator for the upper level of the minors may seem like a minute move. Still, it allows the Tigers to better coordinate and collaborate on the best ways to get their minor leaguers to the Major League Baseball caliber that every organization hopes for.

There’s going to be a lot to look forward to in the coming years for the Tigers organization, and a strong flow of pitchers through the farm system is only going to help them find success.

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So while this move may seem minute, it should be considered great for the future of this organization.