Pump the brakes on the Detroit Tigers and Carlos Correa rumors

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The Detroit Tigers are active this offseason and have been linked to the best shortstop on the market, who is also the most expensive shortstop on the market. But some recent news seems to have the Tigers fanbase going crazy.

Since the 2021 season even began last Spring, the Detroit Tigers faithful has been on the Carlos Correa train. Once the offseason officially started, it seemed that the Tigers fanbase was hoping that Correa was the top priority and someone the Tigers gave the blank check to as soon as possible.

While the Tigers did get busy early and grabbed some starting pitcher help with Eduardo Rodriguez on a five-year contract, they have not signed their shortstop. However, the big rumors from Thursday were that Correa had breakfast that turned into lunch with manager A.J. Hinch.

It was noted that the two had a lengthy meal and conversation, including a picture that was snapped of the two from someone at the establishment. Whether this was the Tigers pitching Correa on coming to Detroit or not, Hinch got a bit of Carlos’ attention.

But, at the end of the day, Hinch is not shelling out the money; the front office is. This could have been a meeting for the two to catch up and talk about the free agency and indubitably allow Hinch to pitch Detroit.

Pump the brakes on thinking the Detroit Tigers are going to sign Carlos Correa.

Jeff Passan said it best. Here is his tweet on the matter.

Fans who are going in-depth on Correa’s social media habits picked up that he followed some more of the Tigers roster after the fact.  This tweet and its replies showed that Correa had followed some more of the Tigers players after the meeting and had fans thinking this was some big sign.

But, let’s come back to reality. There is no deal in place; there are no 100% specific signals until Correa officially puts his name on the line and puts on the cap. The offseason is young, and jumping the gun seems silly for the player who is likely to net the largest deal of the offseason.

While Correa and Hinch having lunch together is a great thing, it does not mean a whole lot and certainly is not a sure bet for anything. It’s something that fans can view as a step in the right direction, but let’s pump the brakes on the idea that Correa is going to be a Tiger come 2022.

Next. Detroit Tigers need to proceed with caution before signing Carlos Correa. dark

It’s early yet, and frankly, there are some other options out there that the Tigers absolutely have to consider. It’s silly not to. That being said, fans should not get too wrapped up in these rumors; the offseason is long and going to be tiring if everyone reads into every little rumor out there.