Detroit Tigers prospect Jackson Jobe is going to be special

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Can we all agree to relax about the Detroit Tigers‘ first-round pick from this summer as a fanbase? When the Tigers went out and selected Oklahoman high-school pitcher Jackson Jobe with the third overall pick, some members of the fanbase were ready to meet the front office with torches and pitchforks.

Since then, the Detroit Tigers have gone out and signed shortstop Javier Báez to his six-year deal to anchor things down at short. So, since we have our shortstop, whether he’s a fan-favorite or not, can Tigers fans agree to relax about this summer’s draft pick?

The Tigers missed out on Marcelo Mayer, who the Boston Red Sox selected, and they opted to grab the high school arm. Jobe is going to be solid; the kid has some incredible stuff. Let’s be honest; Jobe was a good pick when they selected him this summer; everyone was just upset that they did not select a shortstop.

Jobe has some incredible talent and has the potential to be a real asset for this organization’s future. If he is kept around and not traded, he could be the perfect addition to the rotation some years down the line when he cracks the big leagues.

The Detroit Tigers got it right with Jackson Jobe.

Looking at his best tools, Jobe really is a dream come true for pitching coach Chris Fetter. He loves to work with those fastball/slider guys who can command the fastball and have a wipeout slider to pair with it.

Jobe is clearly one of those guys. Jobe is a guy who can locate the fastball and then drop in a slider below the zone to fool hitters. He’s a 3,000 RPM spin guy on the slider, which has exceptional movement and depth to it.

The Tigers should be more than happy with the player that Jobe has the potential to be. Knowing that he can be a future asset to the rotation is going to make this pick pay off more and more over time. There is the chance that they move him to upgrade a need for the future.

However, I feel that the Tigers will hang onto him as he is someone Fetter will want the chance to work with and develop as he gets to the big leagues. While Fetter is the big league pitching coach, I think he will have a significant impact on Jobe’s development throughout his path to the big leagues by way of communicating with coaches at each affiliate.

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It’s going to be a few years before Jobe gets to the big leagues or is even knocking on the door. But the Tigers got it right with their selection of Jobe.