Detroit Tigers News: Coaching staff to remain the same from 2021 season

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A recent press release from the Detroit Tigers on MLB dot com announced that the coaching staff will remain the same. The Tigers are going to ride with the staff that they had last season and keep things moving in the same direction.

While this may not shock anyone who has been following the Detroit Tigers the past few seasons likely has no issues with the coaching staff. From the hiring of A.J. Hinch, which had mixed reviews(at the time), to the addition of pitching coach Chris Fetter, to the promotion of Ramon Santiago, things worked out well.

The Tigers have opted to bring back the same crew for this upcoming 2022 season. Given the work stoppage and lockout, the Tigers are unable to get things done with the construction of their big league roster.

However, this did not stop them from getting things ironed out and worked on for their coaching staff. While Hinch was certainly not on the hot seat or expected to be fired, the Tigers were able to get things locked down with the staff.

The Detroit Tigers have announced that the coaching staff will be retained.

When it comes to this staff, it’s the guys like Fetter and Santiago that make a huge difference. Fetter is a pitching genius and has done plenty to help out guys on the staff, and given more and more time with these guys; the results will be aplenty.

So keeping him around seems like a fantastic decision from the organization. Santiago succeeded in his third-base coach gig and earned another shot to do it this upcoming season. Hinch has done a great job managing this team and working with this staff to get the most out of the players.

As was mentioned many times this summer, it was fun to watch the Tigers again. It was exciting for the fanbase to enjoy the game and watch these younger guys start to come into their own. Part of this has to be a testament to the coaching staff and their work to keep these guys on the proper development paths as they settle into the big leagues.

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The Tigers are moving in the right direction and moving quickly; the decision to retain the coaching staff for the 2022 season is the right one. As the work stoppage continues, the Tigers organization can shift their attention to the minor leagues and long-term projects/goals.