Detroit Tigers wanted Carlos Correa but would not meet his price tag

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The Detroit Tigers may not have gone out and signed shortstop Carlos Correa this offseason, but it seems like it was just going to take too much cash for him to sign. Correa’s price range was just too far above what the Tigers were willing to pay.

While it’s too late for things to change, the Detroit Tigers got their shortstop in the form of Javier Báez. The Tigers went out and grabbed Báez on a six-year, $140 million contract that sounds plenty better than the megadeal that Correa is going to take home.

There was a piece on theScore that detailed an offer the Tigers made to the former Houston Astros shortstop. It was a larger contract than Báez got in terms and dollar amounts. It was reported that the Tigers offered Correa a 10-year, $275 million contract.

The seven-year veteran of the big leagues turned down the offer, and I would imagine he’s asking for a deal in the $325-350 million range, far above the value the Tigers were willing to shell out. The Tigers said they were going to spend this offseason, and they certainly have, but Correa was just too far out of the price range.

Reports say the Detroit Tigers made a $275 million offer to Carlos Correa.

The Tigers faithful were campaigning for the signing of Correa. From the get-go, it was pretty clear that the player the fans wanted was Correa. However, the Tigers opted to save some money and look to bring in Báez.

Hindsight on this deal before either player hits the field again looks like the Tigers made a good move. Spending $300 million-plus on Correa on a 10-year deal would have turned to be a horrible contract down the line.

The deal they got with Báez is much better, given the circumstances. However, it does not mean the Tigers did not try for Correa. As has been mentioned, the Tigers tried their hand at getting Correa to come to Detroit.

Whether the photos from lunch between Correa and A.J. Hinch were a friendly meal or a recruitment pitch, it seems like the Tigers were just unable to get Correa’s price range to budge or to budge enough to be where the Tigers would pull the trigger on a deal.

Now, what would be really crazy is if the Tigers pulled a real plot twist and grabbed Correa to be the team’s shortstop on a six-year deal with an incredibly high annual value. Like a six-year, $200 million contract to have him play shortstop and then move Báez to second base.

But let’s be honest, that deal would become disastrous and having to pay Báez and Correa a combined $50+ million, but that certainly would be something.

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Back in reality, the Tigers are happy to have Báez and will move on from the shortstop pursuit whenever the work stoppage picks back up and round out their roster.