Detroit Red Wings might benefit in long-run from postponed games

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There’s not a whole lot of positives to take out of missed games and postponed games due to the COVID-19 outbreak that has ravaged many seasons, including the Detroit Red Wings. There actually are some positives to look at, but those positives are long-run benefits.

While I was perusing Twitter, I came across a tweet from a fellow fan that raises a good point. The Detroit Red Wings being off for more games until New Year’s Eve allows for more time for players to return.

This means that rookie sensation Lucas Raymond and the trade deadline acquisition stud Jakub Vrána will be able to play more games when the Red Wings finally return. Obviously, the positive of getting more players and staff back from the health and safety protocols.

Raymond is one of the players in the COVID-19 health and safety protocols but should be back in the lineup when the team takes on Washington. Given how much of a vital piece Raymond has been to the Red Wings lineup, the most games he’s healthy and able to be out there is going to be better off the team will be.

Detroit Red Wings can take some positives away from their time off the ice.

Since Vrána has an injury that he is still dealing with it and will be out for a while longer, this buys time. However, when he does return, the Red Wings will have more games added on the back end of their season. Since there has to be postponed games made up, the Red Wings will have more games with Vrána which is a nice added benefit.

So, postponed games suck, and no one wants to miss games; but, there is a way to look at the positives and be excited that the Red Wings will get Vrána back and in the lineup. It allows them to strengthen their top six later in the year and ideally create more offense.

The Red Wings are slated to pick back up soon, but this time off might help them and give them some benefits. After all, the Red Wings are going to try and push towards the playoffs and start turning the corner on the rebuild.

They may just be able to do it, and any added boost of offense will help them do this. The Red Wings faithful should be looking forward to the long run where they will be back on the ice and be pushing to be a contender once again.

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While the absences and time off are not ideal, there is a lot to be excited about when the team gets back on the ice.