Jared Goff has to return for the Detroit Lions to have an offense on Sunday

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The Detroit Lions are closing out their 2021 season against the Green Bay Packers, who will likely wind up putting a lovely “L” stamp on the season. However, the Lions may at least have a bit more of a dog in the fight if they can get quarterback Jared Goff back.

Even with Jared Goff back, the Detroit Lions are fighting an uphill battle. It’s been noted that Aaron Rodgers may be out this weekend for the Packers; whether it is a ploy to rest up for the playoffs or his toe “really bothering him,” the Packers may be without their star.

The Lions need Goff back under center for a multitude of reasons when it comes to this Sunday’s matchup. First off, the Lions are playing hard 60-minutes every game for Campbell, and it’s hard to think that’s going to stop.

While thinking about the 2022 NFL Draft is important, and each win makes it harder for the Lions to end up with Aidan Hutchinson or Kayvon Thibodeaux. That being said, having Goff back on the field will be beneficial for the team’s offense.

Detroit Lions need quarterback Jared Goff healthy for this Sunday’s matchup.

The last few weeks, Tim Boyle has been under center; while Boyle brings a benefit to the quarterback room, his on-field performance has been horrible. He’s been raw and making mistakes that have hindered the offense’s ability.

While it has been great to get the skills of D’Andre Swift and Jamaal Williams back to add to the Lions run game, the offense needs its starting quarterback to get back on track for the last game. While winning this last game may not do a whole lot, the Lions could come away feeling a little more optimistic about the rough season and future ahead.

Goff has missed time, but before he went out with COVID-19 and a knee injury, but was on a roll in games prior. It seemed like he was looking much better. Co-Site Expert Bob Heyrman even mentioned that he feels Goff deserves another fair trial in 2022 before the team gets up in arms about replacing him.

The Lions are going to struggle immensely without Goff in Week 18, but it seems that he is probable to play. The latest news noted that he had been back on the field since Wednesday. He’s been getting back into the swing of things, and by the sounds of it, he should be ready to go for Sunday.

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If there is a setback and Boyle is back under center, the Lions are going to struggle to get much going. Case in point, the Lions need Goff this Sunday to try and finish the season on a high note.