Jonathan Schoop’s versatility going to be clutch for Detroit Tigers

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The Detroit Tigers have gotten plenty from infielder Jonathan Schoop during his time with the organization. But the fact that he has become even more versatile is something that is going to continue to benefit this team immensely.

Since signing with the Detroit Tigers, Schoop has become one of the veterans that the team consistently relies on to get things going. He’s become one of the team’s sources of run production, which has worked wonders for the Tigers offense.

With the signing of shortstop Javier Báez, Schoop does not need to be on the left side of the infield, but he’s become more than one dimensional. Schoop can play shortstop, second base, or first base.

It’s a quality trait to have, and the Tigers should be quite thrilled that Schoop can slot in at either of these three positions. This will come in handy for the 2022 season when the team starts to take shape as the rebuild comes to an end, hopefully.

Detroit Tigers Jonathan Schoop’s versatility is beneficial to the lineup.

Schoop has spent the last two seasons with the Tigers and is signed through the 2022 season with a $7.5 million price tag. He also has a player option for the 2023 season, which is something to keep an eye on as the 2022 season continues.

In 2021, Schoop slashed .278/.320/.435 with 22 home runs and 84 RBI over 156 games played for the Tigers. It’s a solid performance for him and has worked out quite well, looking at his time in the Motor City.

The Tigers are looking to see Schoop continue this type of production in 2022 and possibly 2023 if he chooses to return. He’s become a quality member of the team’s lineup day in and day out. Schoop has been one of the players who has found success, and being able to plug him in across multiple positions will be clutch for this Tigers team.

Schoop’s ability to move around the infield will be crucial for the offense’s success in 2022, being that Schoop has been a constant producer of runs. Being able to have him around as a veteran to mentor some of these younger players around the Tigers lineup.

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If the Tigers are smart, they will find ways to move Schoop around the lineup and get creative. He seems like a fit to bat behind Báez, with the way things have progressed this offseason. The Tigers are in a good spot with Schoop’s return and should enjoy his versatility this season.