Detroit Red Wings need forward Tyler Bertuzzi to keep producing

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The Detroit Red Wings have gotten a lot from forward Tyler Bertuzzi in his career with the organization. He’s been a premier forward for the organization and one of the best scoring threats in recent years.

It’s clear that the Detroit Red Wings have lacked scoring in recent years. While things have improved in 2021-22, the team still has plenty of room to improve. Even when the Red Wings are looking at the possibility of three 20-goal scorers in a season, they can still improve.

When it comes to Bertuzzi, the Red Wings should be hoping he can improve upon prior performance. Hopefully, he gets hot and can come closer too and hopefully cross the 35-goal mark before the end of this season.

He’s been a quality member of the Red Wings offense for years now, so the hope is going to be that he gets there. However, his performance has not always been sunshine and rainbows, and some things stand in his way.

Detroit Red Wings forward Tyler Bertuzzi is chasing down 30+ goals.

If nothing else, the Red Wings have to hope that he can cross the 30-goal threshold between now and the end of the season. As it stands, Bertuzzi has logged 34 games during the 2021-22 season, where he has 19 goals and 17 assists.

He has crossed the 20-goal threshold twice in his career and is one goal shy of it this year. However, the hope is that he does not stop there. If he keeps going and keeps pumping out the offense, the Red Wings will benefit immensely.

Bertuzzi’s career-high in points is 48-total, and the hope is that he can beat that in 2021-22 since he is at 36 now through just 34 games played. One of the things that works both for and against him is his quality of being a streaky player.

It seems like Bertuzzi gets hot out of nowhere and finds ways to score game after game for a nice stretch. But the same goes in the other way. After an excellent eight-point performance over five to six games, he might go point-less for 5-6 after that. This is not great if the Red Wings want to see him keep producing.

Beyond that, Bertuzzi cannot play games across the border due to his unvaccinated status. This holds him out of nine games on the season. Any injury or issue that keeps him off the ice in health and safety protocols will be a significant detriment to his scoring.

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If the Red Wings want a shot to sneak into the playoffs, expecting Bertuzzi to get hot and remain hot will be a vital part of that.