Detroit Tigers: Eduardo Rodríguez will be a model of consistency

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This offseason, the Detroit Tigers opted to bring in Eduardo Rodríguez on a five-year contract to help bolster their rotation. The move was a beneficial one for several reasons, but mostly because he will be a model of consistency for this team’s rotation.

When the Detroit Tigers added in Rodríguez from the free-agent market, they knew what they were getting and knew what he was going to be in terms of an addition to the rotation. He’s been a consistent player during his time with the Boston Red Sox and is looking to carry it into his time in Detroit.

Rodríguez secured a five-year, $77 million contract with an opt-out after three years that is an option for Rodríguez to bet on himself. However, five seasons of consistency may not be the worst thing in the world, especially as the Tigers build out their rotation.

Besides an absence in 2020 due to a lingering heart issue from a bout with COVID-19, Rodríguez has been incredibly consistent. It’s a relief for the Tigers; now that he is healthy again, there should be a lot of hope for Rodríguez to be a quality left-handed arm in 2022.

Detroit Tigers’ starting pitcher Eduardo Rodríguez is consistent.

After his absence in 2020, Rodríguez’s turn to the field got back to the player he was before. Maybe not his best season, but he remained a model of consistency for the Tigers organization. He would pitch in 32 games (one out of the bullpen), logging 157.2 innings pitched where he had a 4.74 ERA, a 1.39 WHIP, just 47 walks, and 182 strikeouts to his credit.

Rodríguez has been someone who manages to piece together quality starts, keeping the ball on the ground and avoiding a lot of hard contact in the air. He had a .364 BABIP in 2021, which is the highest that it has been over his six-year career.

He usually hovers around the.300 mark, which is much better than .364 and is more of the pitcher the Tigers are hoping he will become. He’s been consistent over the years, someone who the Tigers will be able to rely on every fifth day.

Handing out $77 million over five years means the Tigers have to see something or at least view him as an arm who will be impactful as a part of their rotation. Rodríguez is going to take home $15.4 million to be someone who will provide quality starts each time he’s on the mound.

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The Tigers made a smart choice with Rodríguez; it’s a contract that should pay off down the line and not look worse each season.